Mid Autumn @ School

It's the first Mid Autumn celebrations at school. There were loads of activities but also loads of people that many of the hands-on ones ran out really quick with long queues of students in wait. 

Keziah had her lantern from recycled materials displayed. The kids had fun with their lanterns, especially Mei Mei who didn't care less about people around and went happily toddling around with her little lantern.
The kids managed to get their hands on making tang yuan after a long queue. They had wanted to make moon cake but the materials were all out. Here's Keziah with one of her good friends from the class.
We also managed to make a Chinese knot keychain at the Old Sports Hall. One thing I must say, the Old Sports Hall was simply too hot and stuffy that the wait was almost unbearable.
We didn't get much time to play games or such. If we were to ever come again for such an event, it's a definite to be early!