Angelic Smiles in Sleep

Keren's a really smiley baby. Giving you a smile after a good feed and when you talk to her. All the more angelic when you see her smile in her sleep. Such peaceful beings that wear off the tiredness from the sleep deprived mother.

Day 42 A little Chubbier?

Does she look chubbier? Well after bottling 60 ml for 4 feeds per day, she's finally gained 120g in the 2 days plus, weighing now 3.175 g. More to go!

Day 41 Fingers found!

Yum Yum….suck suck suck...
Playmat time!
Creative Abel trying to be innovative with his sister's support pillow...
The motherly instinct of a girl...

Day 40 A review

Not much has changed in terms of weight gain. Keren's weighing now 3.045 kg, an increase of about 85 g from her last weighing of 2.960 kg after a week. This is still below the standard gain of about 150 - 250 g per week. Today we saw Sister Kang at Mt. Alvernia and the following recommendations were made:
1) Improve the latch
2) Top up more per feed - 60 ml instead of 30 ml
3) Try the supplementary nursing system to encourage Keren to suckle more instead of falling asleep.

Despite all these, a closer look at Keren, it seems that her eye lashes have grown and now long like her sister's. She also had her nails trimmed.

Our Young Visitors

Mommy's students actually came in a throng to visit us once they finished their prelims. They were all so excited over Keren that they all crowded over the stroller when they arrived. These were a bunch of lovely kiddos that Mommy taught last year. Though Mommy didn't follow them up to second year, they constantly remembered her. It's such gratitude at heart that warms the heart of the teacher. Here's wishing all of you the very best for your A levels and yes, don't disappoint me!

Day 38 More Play Time

Yes..sweet dreams...
Each day now we have some play time. Trying to get Keren to track an object and determine direction of sounds. Some basic black and white picture flash cards. Lots of singing and some exercises to get her going with her gross motor skills though some say such exercise help in brain training.

Day 37 More Smiles

Keren's smiling a lot with each day. She's now so aware of the camera that she stares hard at it when it appears before her.

Day 35 Say Hello

Keren kind of waved her hands...

Day 34 Happy Perching Over Shoulders

Day 33 Comfort on Sofa

Mommy was expressing milk when Keren awoke. So she soothed her and left her on the sofa thinking she will hold for a while but in fact, she slept for another 45 min. How comfortable is our sofa.
Another bed time look

Weight Gain Anxiety

Like her brother, she had been a relatively good baby, sleeping quite a bit though there were still many nights of deprived sleep with constant nursing. However, these babies are at risk of not gaining enough weight since they are so contented with sleep that milk really doesn't wake them up much. This is of course not helping Mommy to build up the milk supply as well.

As a result, there was weight gain issue again. More severe compared to her brother, Keren had not gained a single bit since her discharge weight. Not even her birth weight. Almost incredible to imagine as she still fed, pee and poo sufficiently, alert and bright eyed. One possible reason was that she was constantly falling asleep on the breast and not lasting long enough to suckle the hind milk that is full of fats to make her grow. A visit to the pediatrician as expected required us to remediate. Even the lactation consultant we were referred to was amazed.

Mommy had to work doubly hard at latching for direct feed, followed by expressing any remaining bits and feeding it back. So most time we have to be homebound, much to Mommy's dismay as she had wanted to be more mobile. Praying that she grows…and some how this really made Mommy a little depressed especially when she hears people around commenting: "Oh, she's so small!" A little post natal blues with thoughts of her stunt development but thank God that He reminds He is all sufficient.

Must really cling on Philippians 4:6-7
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request unto God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."

A Month Old - First Sunday to Church

It's Keren's first Sunday to church. She was really good and Mommy even had the chance to sit in for Sunday School.

We also had Keren's full month celebration today. She's officially a month old. Most time she's sleeping when the guests were around. By the time she's awake, most have left…Shy?

Day 29 Many words...

Day 27 Tummy Time

Look Keren can lift her head off tummy position..

Day 26 Bath Time

Day 25 Poses and My Three

Sleep poses...
 Real charming looks!
 My Threesome….

Day 24 Mittens found

Oh, she's really hungry! And mittens she found to provide temporary comfort...
 More cutie looks..

Day 23 More Alert

Hmmm….one baby that's always in deep thoughts….frown but not missing the smiles..

Day 22 Stretching

It's never easy to wake up from a sound sweet sleep….
 Who's calling me? 小可爱伸伸懒腰。。。。

Day 20 Singing for Milk

Keren's favorite expression to tell us it's milk time!

Smurfing again

How could we miss the movie after the craft session?
Together with Ting Gu Gu and cousin Rylee as well as Yu'an Gu Gu. Not missing a good meal! We should have more of this!
Many thanks to Ting Gu Gu for the special Smurfs…..

A Gift of Love

Keziah came home with this that she made at Ah Ma's place…How sweet!

Day 19 Mood Changes

A moment of frown, a moment of calm, a moment of laughter...
 Mommy and sweetie pie

Day 18 Look Who's Talking?

Day 17 Sibling Love

Keziah just simply dotes on her sister and ever so excited about carrying and playing with her once she gets home.
 Not to miss out Abel who won't miss out on the time together with her.

Smurfing Good Time

Smurfs were really a thing of the past in Daddy's and Mommy's time which we enjoyed a great deal but the kids knew nothing of them. Since there was an opportunity to introduce them what we loved with "Paint a Smurf" @ Northpoint, Mommy jumped at the chance. Of course, it's Daddy's time too as Mommy stayed home with the little one.
The outcome after 30 minutes of painting. Though we didn't win any prize, the kids had their fun with acrylic paint and brought home with them the lovely pieces. In fact, another Mommy took a picture of our smurfs and posted on her blog.

Day 16 First Book

 "It's a beautiful world out there!"

Day 15 More expressions

Day 14 A strong neck

Yes, she has been constantly lifting her head up to look at the world around since Day 4. Certainly, she's blessed with strong neck muscles that we have to watch we don't lose our grip as she could yank her head back when burping her.