The Hair-cut Ordeal

Abel hasn't had a proper haircut since his birth. It had always been done by Ah Ma. We had once tried to bring him to QBhouse for a cut but failed. Today, we were determined to give him a "boy" haircut with the usual slope as his hair was getting really thick and long. It was definitely a fight that needed 3 persons to hold him down: one to carry him, another to entertain/hold his head down and last, to cut his hair. It was simply cries, screams and hands and legs everywhere. Even the Blue Clue video on Daddy's iTouch was insufficient to distract him. No pictures/videos to show the ordeal since both DAddy and Mommy were so involved in holding him down. Thankfully the hairdresser didn't give up half way and pity the other customer that was in the saloon. After all, it's only $5 for a cut.

Interestingly, when the hairdresser asked us how short, we said short, boy-cut. Guess what was the question that came: Huh, a boy? Not girl? Ah Ma had said many commented that he looked like a girl which we wondered why coz to us, he always had that boyish looks. What do you say?
The tearful Abel on exit from the ordeal.

BEFORE: What Abel usually looks like...our baby face...
AFTER: His NEW style after a clean up. He looks so grown up!
Don't father and son look even more alike now?

Mommy's shoes and Carousel @ Pasar Malam

Abel's picking up the habit from his sister: wearing mommy's shoes and going around. Looks like everything is fun!

The pasar malam just opposite our block has been on since last week. Keziah has been pestering us for a ride since then. Today, we decided to give her a treat and she definitely thoroughly enjoyed it. However, $3 for a rickety carousel was really expensive. Abel was asking for one but we decided it would be when he's older.

Botanic Gardens - church fellowship

Our church organised a fellowship meeting at Botanic Gardens. Naturally, our kids loved the idea of being able to be at the park to roam. As usual, they will never miss seeing the swans, fish and turtles and wanting ever so much to feed them. Today, we didn't bring any food but a nice lady, who was feeding the swans, spared the kids some.

We had fun reaching out to nature; climbing tree branches, feeling the leaves and looking at interesting flowers that were in bloom.

Keziah's activities

Working does take a great deal of time off the kids and so these days, we don't really do very much. Some flashcards, memory games, singing with the CD, reading and the rest are mostly activity books like dots-to-dots, colouring, mazes, tear-and-paste for the evenings that we have.

Keziah has never quite enjoyed memory games but surprisingly today, she took to it and could remember the sequence of up to 5 cards and almost striking bingo with 6 cards!

Keziah's little face...

Caught sight of Keziah's sketches which she does while waiting to go off to school in the morning. A face with a nice big circle and better proportions....


It was the most unexpected for our safety driver Daddy to run into a taxi. We were on our way home when the taxi in front of us did an emergency brake. Yes, we didn't break in time and out of the blue, we jerked forward to an abrupt halt with a "bang". We knew immediately things weren't good. Thankfully all were safe aside from some relatively minor damages to the car and taxi.

Kite flying...

Finally Keziah had her first hand at kite flying. It was definitely not easy to keep the kite in the air and after a few attempts, even Daddy didn't managed to keep it up. Nonetheless, we just wanted it to be simply fun for the kids, so Keziah got her hands at just pulling the kite around. Needless to say, the kite didn't survive the crash landing. Interestingly, Abel was only interested in watching kites gliding in the sky and after awhile, he was just off running around the open space, walking along the raised platform.

Do you think we can win in the mother and child look alike competition?


Keziah has been asking for a pet for quite awhile. We first had a pair of catepillars which of course turned into butterflies over a week. Then recently, she's been so fascinated with dogs and cats as pets till Daddy and Mommy gave her the option of fish or terrapins. After her discussion with her brother whose more keen on terrapins, we settled down for a pair for both of them. Keziah named them Jetta and Toby. The kids were constantly around the terrapins to see what they were doing. Abel can't keep his hands off them. Haha..just hope they survive the rough handling.

Somehow, our camera seemed to have gone missing. Till we searched it out from Nei Nei's house, no pictures for the time being.

The lovely pair...(camera found!)

Happy Birthday Ah Gong!

Yes, Ah Gong's birthday is in January as well. Mommy chose her favourite Korean restaurant Ju Shin Jung (West Coast) to take Ah Gong out for dinner. It's been a long time that we haven't been there. Well, food still looked as good and appetiser was a big spread as well. Somehow though, the food just wasn't as good as it was 2 years back when we first came. Nonetheless, it was nice having dinner out together. Maybe we will try the branch at East Coast the next time.

The kids definitely had fun in the ballpit that was just right next to our table. They couldn't wait to get done with dinner and dive into the sea of balls. One thing we noted, Abel only dared to do all his stunts only when his sister was around and err on the side of caution when he was alone in the playarea as he finished his dinner first.

Everyone's started school...

Yes, everyone has started school and after 2 weeks for Abel, and a week half for Keziah, both of them finally settled down. Daddy was able to drop them off without tears and whines. Abel has grown to enjoy the little blue car in his school's playground, a bait for him to go in without crying his lungs out. You should have seen him wail his lungs out the first few days, cling onto Daddy and had to be literally 'torn off' Daddy, roll on the floor in protest and attempt to climb over the low fence surrounding the playground to get out of school.

Keziah had no problem going on the schoolbus for her ride home from first day. That was a big relief. She has also grown to be more responsive with her description of her school experience with some leading questions. It was no longer 'I don't know' or 'nothing'. She certainly loved the jam sandwiches she gets for her teabreak for that will be the first to be mentioned.

Mommy also tried to share her day's going with Keziah. It wasn't much for the first week but more to get to know her new colleagues, attend certain training and getting used to the way things are run in the new school. One thing Mommy realised was that Keziah was eager to know what's happening to Mommy at school. She would always love to ask in return Mommy's day after she's done with hers.

Thank God that it's a rather short settle in phase this time round for the kids.

Keziah's first day at Kindy!

Keziah's off to her first day at her new kindergarten. There was not much fussing and she was definitely excited to get her hands on her schoolbag and new school shoes. How prim and proper with her hair neatly tied back. Geez, mommy was so proud she walked in with Daddy and bid mommy and didi goodbye at the entrance without fussing and any cry. However, from what Daddy reported, it was a swarm of crying kids in the hall and parents were all lingering around. Peer pressure as we guessed, she started to tear as well when Daddy had to go. It was also her first time on her own taking a schoolbus home to Ah Ma's place after class. She got off with smiles. Looks like she enjoyed her day at school.

Happy Birthday Abel! He's 2...

Yes! Abel turns 2 today. There was no big parties but a fun-filled afternoon at Peek-a-boo at Kallang Leisure Park where the kids played to their hearts content. Nothing beats a good workout, chasing after one another. One thing good is that this place opens till 8.30pm and not too crowded compared to other indoor playgrounds which we knew that usually opens till 6pm on weekdays. However, the place was rather small with only 1 climbing structure compared to Fidgets that we last visited at Turf City that had a whole floor to it. Though kids had fun and a great wonder they made friends real easy, Mommy won't recommend if you would like a greater challenge and spend longer hours there (we only stayed there for at most 2hours since we only went after the kids had their naps).

Warming up at the ball pit before traversing the heights. The kids just weren't risk taking enough to jump at the high elements immediately. Somehow rolling and "swimming" in the pool of balls was enough to make the kids laugh and giggle a great time out.
Of course after all the work-out, it was time for dinner. Abel had his choice of Japanese noodles! Yupz, we were not sick of Japanese food even after 10 days in Japan. Somehow Japanese food is always appetising. Well, we went to this restaurant with 99cents per plate sushi. There was a great variety of food aside from sushi. However, the standard wasn't fantastic especially with the price we paid. Oh how we missed the yummy food in Japan even if it was just the standing noodle eating places.

Keziah's Art

Keziah's been attending lessons at Vince Music Art Studio @ Novena which our friend's mom opened. Mommy is actually quite amazed what she could come up with under the guidance of a teacher for her age. Her drawings did improve quite abit after 3-4 lessons from the feedback we get after each class. Guess she enjoyed playing with all the colouring and paint materials as well as the company of the teacher whom she's ever so familiar.

At end Nov 2009
Wk 1 of December 2009
Just this Monday 4 Jan 2010

Happy Birthday Nei Nei!

Happy Birthday Nei Nei and of course, tomorrow will be Abel's! However, it looked like Abel thought that it was his...heehee...being ever so excited to blow the candle and cut the cake!

Presents for the new year!

Looks like the kids got their wishes for the year....

Abel, our little builder, reader and train lover...

Keziah, the active one as usual with her outdoorsy scooter and a little more demure when playing with her first doll!