Friends over...

After a day in the zoo, Abel came down with a cold. Actually he hasn't quite recovered from the earlier bulk, and the trip somehow made it worse. So we decided to stay in and do some simple activities while Keziah's little friends came over to visit in the afternoon...Even Abel joined in the fun of messing around with the older ones..

It's nice to have the kids gathering and playing while mommies had a short chat to catch up.

Friends of the Zoo

Daddy and Mommy signed up for Friends of the Zoo and we can now go as often as we wanted. This weekend was an extended long weekend with Daddy and Mommy taking 2 days off in addition to the public holiday on Wednesday. We spent our whole extended weekend at our new flat. It's nice and cosy with load of space for the little ones.

Keziah was so fasinated with the Ben and Jerry's cow the moment we came into the zoo and kept asking to ride on it.

The little explorer making her way around.

Mommy and Abel with this probicus monkey of which the Singapore Zoo supposedly be the only zoo that keeps the larges number of them.

Well, the trip was a short 2 hour trip or so as the rain came. We only visited the monkeys, orang utans, watched the new show "rainforest fights back" and finished off the trip with the kangeroos after a ride on the tram. We will be back soon...Looks like we really have to start the day early as it seemed that we always get caught in the rain whenever we came to the zoo when it hit the afternoons.

Children's Day Carnival at School

Children's Day celebrations was held earlier at Keziah's school. Guess it's in expectation that parents will take the kids off in view of the possible long weekend if one takes 2 days off as Hari Raya is going to be on Wednesday and Tuesday is a schoolhouse holiday. Her school organised a carnival which was actually quite fun. Keziah certainly happy to see Mommy joining her for the carnival games.

Sadly it rained very heavily in the morning. The teachers had to shift all the games indoors. Still the kids had fun..

She's actually sitting down for some stories and song time before the games started.

Fishing for the fishes...though using hands seemed faster than these rods..

Roll the ball into the monster's mouth..

Get the bean bags in..she's quite good at this..

Hand painting..she's actually talking alot to the teacher as she painted, requesting for certain colours.

The complete works..

Lert's scoop for the carrots, little bunnies..

Set the sail..

Match the butterfly wings..

Keziah and her 'good' friend, Arjun, at school..

Keziah and Mommy..

First time licking an ice cream in a cone..

Teacher Shirmaine and Keziah..

Keziah having fun with random throwing of balls with Arjun while Mommy returned to work..

Nice to have some tea...

It's good to have some time out for a tea at our favourite place, The Coffee Canossieur. However, now we have 2 mobile little ones - one running around and exploring the freedom and space while the other was constantly trying to get at things at the table..Soon it will be two chasing each other around while Daddy and Mommy have their tea, ignoring the stars of the public..haha
Yummy Sandwich...
Father and son ...
Hmm...that's an interesting new feeling...It's cold...
Like a cookie?

Saliva everywhere...

Not sure if it's teething but Abel's definitely learning to play the booing game with his saliva...

Clean up..clean up

It's time for the playhouse to make way for some room for little Abel to stretch his feet now that he's crawling all over the place. As the kids were sick, we stayed home and spent this time doing some cleaning up of the playarea.

Our little Keziah lent a hand too in 'sweeping' up the mess around.

There we go, the 'brand new' place with more space for both to play..Abel's definitely happy to be able to be on his fours rather than confined in the exersaucer.

It's only then that Mommy realised Abel could climb the stairs and took keen interest in it!

Keziah only wanted to nap in Shu Shu's room today. So we let her be and also brought Abel in so that we could keep an eye on both. Sorry Shu Shu for messing up your room but guess your niece and nephew just found your room a nice place to be in!
Fun new experience.. babe..

Everything was interesting to our little Abel...Is he going to be a techy guy?

Who's that in the mirror?

New baby...

Oh don't get me wrong, it's not that MOmmy's pregnant again! We can't afford this now, juggling already with two. It's Uncle Vincent and Auntie San who have a new baby, a pal for their dear son Lucas. We decided to pop over for a visit with Uncle Chris, Aunt Nat and Cheryl. Just look at the lovely little gal.

Oh yes, the older ones were having fun playing together. Keziah's into this phase of sweeping around with the little dustpan she found.

Wbat's Daddy and Abel doing? Looking on at the trio..