Today, Mommy found Didi playing peekaboo with himself in his cot. He grabbed his nappy which was used to line his mattress and covered his face and uncovered when Mommy caught him doing it!

Scary Red Blotches

Mommy woke up having a shock. What was initially some red spots which Mommy took for Abel rubbing his face on the mattress when he woke up turned up to be much worse than expected.

It looked like he had an allergy to something. Mommy hadn't ate anything out of the usual yesterday. The only thing Mommy could think of was the oil that was used to massage his head to remove the cradle cap. This was done yesterday after his positive infant class as one of the owner who used to be midwife commented that Abel is having quite alot of cradle cap which could result to his hair not growing. She did get rid of quite abit with the massage. Guess Mommy didn't wash off the oil well during the evening wipe down as she did as usual to wipe with water. Thank God the redness subsided in the later part of the day after she did a good shampoo this morning and gave his face a light wipe with warm soapy water and after which clean water in this morning.

Doodling without mess

Certainly simple invention like this really takes the headache off parents having to clean up after their toddlers after a doodling session. This Aquadoodle from Toy'Rus writes simply using water. Being a chemist, Mommy could guess what's in the doodle mat. Writes wet and disappears when dry. Isn't it fascinating? Can you guess what's the chemical? Here's Keziah having fun with Shu Shu on Sunday after Daddy and Mommy opened the set which they brought during a children fair at United Square atrium last week.

Vote for US!

Dear friends,

If you happen to be reading this, please kindly cast a vote. Mommy had submitted Keziah's picture in hope to win her Dora tickets to bring her to the show. This picture was one of Mommy's favourite as it really showed Keziah's joyous expression while she wondered around the zoo when Daddy and Mommy brought her there recently as part of her birthday celebrations. For now, there are only 2 votes for the picture. So please be generous! You will have to register first though. So click this link to get there!

Mommy has also submitted both Abel's and Keziah's pictures for competition at Mumcentre. Do lend them your support too!

To vote for Abel, click here.
To vote for Keziah, click here.

Tiring week...

The past week went by so quickly. With our new flat almost ready, there was alot more involvement on our part with the contractor. There were defects to be inspected and rectified and also the need of our presence for the delivery of items. Daddy had been really caught up at work these days so Mommy had to do some running about. Seriously, it's still not a good time to bring the little ones there which Mommy regretted she did on Saturday for flat inspection. The paint and varnish were still fresh and the smell of all these solvents won't be any good forthe little ones so young, not to mention the amount of dust despite the contractor said they had cleaned the place. Moving to a new place seemed to be seriously a big project. Now Daddy and Mommy are getting busy with getting all the flat equipped to be our cozy little home. There's just so much to buy despite buying bits and pieces here and there.

Things we are still short of the moment:
1) Keziah's bed
2) Microwave oven
3) Toaster
4) rice cooker
5) Airport or kettle
6) Water jug
7) Knife set and cooking utensils
8) Juicer?
9) Iron and ironing board
10) bookselves
11) shoe rack
12) Full length mirror
13) rugs
14) mattress protector and sheets
15) study table (to be moved over)
16) computer (to moved the current one?)
17) some art pieces for children's bedroom and playroom
18) shelving for bombshelter

There's definitely more to add on as the days go by..loads of cleaning too!

Tummy time is fun...picture cards

Abel loves his tummy time these days. Sometimes after some time on the back, he would whine and make noise. Surprisingly on propping him onto the tummy, he kept quiet and look around with his head high and inquisitively. So Mommy decided to let him 'read' his first picture storybook. He looked so interested and happy with the new activity.

Carry DiDi

Keziah has always been asking to carry his little brother. Of course, knowing her age, she's definitely not going to be able to hold him well. However, how can we stop the two from bonding? So Mommy allowed her for the first time last Thursday to hold DiDi on her own before bed. Mommy thought she could do it well seeing how loving she was to her brother and ran to get the camera for a shot. Who knows just a turn and she let go of him and he fell face down on the bed. Thank God it's on the bed that was soft and he didn't look as if anything happened. Anyway, she still gets to hug/carry Didi for awhile under Mommy's supervision every or every other night.

Flashcards... Sitting up...Flipping over

Mommy tried some flashcards on Abel today. Surprisingly, he was very attentive and even laughing as the cards flipped before him.

Abel was propped up on the sofa and looked like he could hold his head quite well.

The look before he fell face down on the sofa. Guess he still can't balance as yet.

Today Abel managed to flip from tummy to his back. Not just once but several times when put on tummy for his playtime.

Bubble Balloon

Daddy and Mommy used to play this when they were little. Happened that one of the party pack t hat Keziah received during her cousin's birthday had this. So Daddy blew one for her to play. Just look at how gleeful she was!

What more can you do with a tripod?

Reach and Grab

Abel has been playing under his playmat for quite awhile. He has always been swapping his hands around to reach for the toys and last Friday, he managed to grab it!

Oh yes, he even grabbed his nappy and attempt to put it in his mouth.

He affirmed it again today that it was not by mere coincidence.

Though abit frustrated to have his hands tangled by this toy.

Mother of 2...home alone

Today was the first day Mommy was home alone with the two little ones. Though if the hours were counted, it would be mere few hours, but it felt like ages. Daddy had to work today. Mommy wasn't prepared for it as Daddy didn't inform Mommy beforehand that Nei nei and Ta Ta will both be out. Thankfully, Shu Shu took Keziah to her lesson in the morning and came home with her to watch over her for a little while for Mommy to do a quickie lunch for Keziah as Mommy didn't think Keziah could last till 2pm for Nei Nei to bring lunch back. Erm..the lunch was not fantastic, just simple fish, tomato and egg mee suay. Keziah seemed to know that we were alone and somehow was quite well behaved, ate her meal as usual, even helped Mommy to get baby wipes and bring the nappy rash cream for Mommy to change DiDi after she was changed out. Of course, Keziah had her cranky time just before her nap which was very much delayed. Seriously speaking, both of them were pretty good kids today. Abel was napping at just to right time for Mommy to put Keziah to nap. In fact, Abel took such long naps today that Mommy wondered if he was well. Evening Mommy had to take Keziah for her music class and rush back to shower her and prepare for the night. Didi somehow overslept. Mommy had to wake him up to feed and clean up. He was clearly not awake and cried so badly while Mommy wiped down. No choice, just had to do it. Keziah was playing her puzzle on her own and made a mess which she didn't want to pick up after doing so for a few pieces. Mommy was rather frustrated and really in a dilemma on how to discipline her while nursing Didi. How Mommy wished she could replicate herself to handle the two! Mommy couldn't even have a proper meal. Really admire those mommies that stayed home and even handle 3 on their own without a maid.

Anyway, now both of them are sound asleep in bed and Mommy could have some 'me' time before going to bed and before Abel's night wakings.

Abel at 3 months

Abel just went for his 5in1 jab at 3 months 3 days old. He now weighs 5.12kg and measures 60cm in length. He's growing and putting on good weight though still on the low side. Guess importantly, he's well and healthy. He will definitely put on when he starts to take solid if not any earlier. At 3 months, he could
1) well lift up his head when on tummy
2) hold his hands together
3) start to grasp hanging toys
4) recognise voices
5) responsive in conversation
6) laugh out really loud when talked to
7) raise both legs high
8) roll to the side
9) attempt to move around on his back
10) follow objects by turning his head 180 degrees
11) longer selfplay time

So exciting to look at his everyday development but somehow Mommy felt she wasn't doing as much for him as compared to Keziah as attention has to be split between the two once Keziah comes back in the evening. Mommy's energy level has been rather low too. Think age is catching up..heehee...when Mommy's not even 30.

Daddy and the little ones...

It's been awhile Daddy had some time with the little ones. Daddy has been really busy at work. He has more time with Keziah as he sends her over to Ah Ma's place every day but with Abel, he only sees him sleeping most of the time coz he leaves home early and comes back late. Only on weekends and days Daddy is on leave would he be able to have some time together with them. These were taken on 8 April when Daddy took leave to bring the family to the zoo to celebrate her birthday.

Daddy and Abel...having a good chat ya!

The Trio...

Birthday Zoo Trip

Since we didn't call for a big celebration, we decided to bring Keziah out to the zoo as part of her birthday celebration on 8 April, a day after her birthday. Nei Nei and GuGu went along. We sure had fun and this time round, Keziah was so much more aware of all the animals. She was all bouncy and smiley all through. GuGu was a great companion to her! It's just a pity we didn't see much as a result of the rain that came soon after lunch. One thing we had to compliment the zoo. It was really pouring so badly that we thought we were trapped at one of the shelters. The tram came along and the driver popped out to ask if we needed a ride to the entrance. We definitely did and we hopped onto the complimentary service and returned dry! Otherwise, we would all have been soaked or stucked there till the longdrawn rain stopped.

Keziah turns 2...

On 7 April 2008, Keziah's actual birthday, we did a simple cake cutting. This year we bought her an Elmo agar cake. She was definitely excited to see Elmo which was her favourite character. Daddy and Mommy also bought her an Elmo shirt which she will wear for her zoo trip the next day. Daddy, Mommy, Didi, Nei Nei and Shu Shu were around to sing her the birthday song as we gather round the cake.

Present from Shu Shu...a giant floor puzzle...

Just look how the two share the same bed...

Laughing Abel

K's Birthday Prelude

Keziah celebrated her birthday really simply this year. We basically had meals with both side grandparents on Sunday and kept it to really a close family affair. After church, we went for lunch at Dian Xiao Er at Vivocity with Ah Ma and Yi Yi. The food was really appetising and look at the dishes. The dishes were relatively simply but tasty. Our little girl really enjoyed her food.

Heehee....Ah Ma was feeding Keziah while Daddy and Mommy had a break and enjoyed the food as well...
Keziah sure knew how to help herself with the food. Things have become alot easier now that she is self-feeding. That being said, it can be messy at times and she simply loves to just help herself with the dishes as if all are hers, without using the serving spoon of course.

What was Didi doing this whole time? Sleeping a good deal even when the meal ended and we went around to take some family shots.

A reluctant smile for the camera with Daddy..

Supergirl...erm Keziah didn't seem to enjoy it. There was something on the ground that she wanted to get her hands on.

Cutie little poses from our little girl...

Hey strike a pose with the model in the display window...

Hmmm...not so much for a shot but Keziah's taking the opportunity to get her hands on YiYi's fruit juice.
Evening we went out to dinner with TaTa, Nei Nei and Shu Shu at the Soup Restaurant at United Square. We had initially wanted to have Japanese food at Novena Square but the place was closed. Nonetheless, food at Soup Restaurant was still as good as always. After that it was desserts at BakerInz. Keziah enjoyed her kiddy rides too, with Shu Shu and Ta Ta taking turns to bring her there. Sadly, our camera had ran out of battery and didn't capture any shots. We would have to wait for Shu Shu to share some of those he took with his phone camera.