Our New Creation

Well Daddy and muumy have managed to finish compiling a little nice photo frame for Keziah to mark her 1 year birthday. It has 12 photo slots to monitor the growing up progress for Little Keziah. Daddy has the honour to develop the pictures for little Keziah which amount to about 500 pictures all the way from her day of birth up till today. Daddy took one night to complie the pictures and choose those for the photo frame.

Below is the picture of the outcome.

Looking back... it brought back fond memories Keziah has brought to us. When you have a bad day at work, you can always depends on Keziah to cheer you up. Compiling this has also shown God's grace in taking care of Keziah and looking after our whole family.

Is it a Di Di or a Mei Mei?

Daddy and Mummy both took a day off taking care of Keziah and bringing her for her Pneumococcal Jab today at SBC@TMC. Today is also the day that Mumy did her Oscar Scan on the little one.

Keziah was all bubbly and happy at SBC as she loves playing with the toys there, but when it's her turn in the Doctor's room, she started crying and holding onto daddy and mummy tightly not allowing Dr. Ong to examine her. Think she had a bad experience when she was down with fever the last time. For all her previous Jabs, she'll be sitting on the table and playing with Barney. Today even the singing Barney was not enough to distract her for the Jab. Barney again came well prepared with a rain coat and an umbrella. Dr Ong got to call one of his nurse to help hold Keziah down while he administer the Jab.

Later in the morning Mummy went for her Oscar scan. Daddy got to give the scan a miss as Daddy got to tend to Keziah who is sleeping at home. Daddy only got the chance to meet Mummy when Grandmum came back to relief the job. Daddy was late and missed the scan completely. Doctor said that the baby was very active and the baby is normal. To complete the test, mummy has to draw blood for more tests to be done.

Here are some picture of little one... So is it a younger brother or a sister? Dr Chang said that we will only know in Week 20. No one knows at the moment what is the Gender. God Knows..... Thank you God for a healthy baby....

Pictures from the 1st Scan.

Pictures from the recent Oscar Scan.

Well Mummy and Daddy have already thought of possible names for the little one... For a boy, it's Caleb, Enoch or Nehemiah. :) If it's a baby girl it might be Keren, Ruth or Esther. We'll have to wait another two months to know the gender.

Do keep us in prayers.

Baby Heidi's Birthday Weekend

Saturday 23rd June 2007

Weekend is usually spent doing housework, which Keziah is actively participating. She was busy helping daddy sunning the laundry last weekend, taking the clothes from mummy at the door and passing to daddy who is sunning the laundry at the front.

Taking a well deserved water break.

Exploring her shadows.

We went to Heidi's Mei Mei First Birthday in the evening. Uncle Edwin is Daddy's Army friend and he has kindly invited the whole family to Bayshore Park for Heidi's birthday bash! Keziah was cranky at first as there were too many unfamilar faces, but once Keziah warmed up, it was a different story. The party was fun, just look at how Keziah enjoyed herself. She even allowed Uncle Ah Lian to carry her to look at Heidi's beautiful cake.

Keziah simply loves ballons. She'll always ask for a ballon whenever we visit Macdonald's. (There is where daddy brings Keziah when she wants a ballon.) Just look at her expression taking the ballons at Heidi's Birthday Party. She's happily holding to 2 ballons.

Sunday 24rd June 2007

We brought Keziah to Robinsons on Sunday after church. Lunch was enjoyable as we have not been to the soup restaurant for a while and Mummy enjoyed her lunch very much! Strangly, the second baby behaves rather differently from Keziah and mummy is having a much more difficult time. Keziah was all well behaved at the table (at least she allowed us to finish all the food that we ordered) though we had to have our hands on her cos she simply refused to sit in the high chair these days. Food, however, does keep her engaged. Daddy and Mummy allowed her a share of their food of sum sui chicken and fried mee sua after she finished her big serving of porridge. This girl can really eat!

After lunch we proceeded to Robsinson to do some shopping. Since it was the last day of the 20% storewide sale, Robinson was crowded. We managed to get all the things we wanted and poor daddy didn't managed to get anything. Both mummy and Keziah had things bought for them.

After a long nap, Keziah was allowed to roam the front wearing her favourite sandles. Look how she love running around in the front and playing hide and seek around the pillars.

You Hide?

I Seek?

Taking a short rest?

Posing for the camera.

Who does she look like?

Finally get a break from a major training that I had to conduct. So relieved and now it's really some time to get a breather.
Anyway, got inspired to match our little gal's look with that of ours when we were young.
Actually, how much resemblance is there?

More like Mommy or .....

More like Daddy?

What do you say?

Rendezvous Weekend...

Last weekend has been a nice getaway from home. For the first time, we took Keziah out for a night away from home before the church camp which had just been over from Monday to Wednesday. Our rendezvous weekend started last Friday with meal at Hog's Breath which served yummy succulent steak followed by an overnight at Hotel Rendezvous. It was a good steal for a night stay at a city hotel in Singapore at $111+++. It was a pretty nice cosy hotel with a pool which Keziah had 2 good days of swimming in.

Here's some snapshots:

Yummy Yummy.... Lunch at Hog's Breath!

Check In to the Hotel.

Check out the cool....

It's rise and shine.....what a lazy morning...

Let's kick start the day...clean up...

You mean that is me? Hmmm...what a mess?

Shopping's great Singapore Sale...

Keziah's first official meal out...Pineapple rice!
Eating adult food finally..haha with all the salt and what not additives....Yummy....

Trying to be adventureous....

Well, taking the chance of the rest at home coz on MC after catching the bug from Keziah, here's a movie of her latest stunts..
Really wonder if my girl is becoming more like a boy, so active and hands-on in exploring. Practically having such good arm and leg power to pull herself up on anything.

Watching her grow...

Eversince Keziah fell sick last week, we have taken quite a quiet time together, spending time home most of the time. Mommy hasn't been feeling very well with this 2nd pregnancy so we are taking things rather slowly. However, in the slowness of things and less buzz of going out, there is still much to appreciate with the time together, watching little Keziah do all her stunts, scream and shout, bumming around, running and giggling. She now loves to play hide and seek, running behind the sofa to give you a surprise on the other end or simply just catching you from the back makes her really happy in her own little ways. Ok, Mommy must admit, with the little one getting really active, sometimes Mommy just took forgranted that she could balance and manage her movement. Just last night, she slipped off our platform bed in an attempt to get off just before bed time and hit her left cheeks and probably her head slightly too. Ouch..

Doesn't she look abit like elmo sitting in puzzlement?

Trying to hide Ernie under the blankie...

Her latest fad...the keyboard...

Fun on the piano after her entertainment by Baby Signing Times....she is sure good at 'banging' away at the keys...

For the weekend, Daddy and Mommy decided to be adventureous and let Keziah try some outside food. So we got her a Happy Meal. First was steamed corn for tea followed by pancakes the next day morning for breakfast. Well, this was just a little treat at MacDonald's. It's definitely not going to be a regular affair. Surprisingly, she was screaming for her balloon when she saw one of the staff handing one to a little kid who was crying..Wow, she sure knows how to express herself. It was rather embarrassing for Daddy and Mommy with a child screaming for a balloon...

Isn't the Iced Milo fasinating? I WANT!!!

A little time at home, doing reading and riding the bike just outside the porch..Yes, playing the RUBRIK'S cube which her Daddy has been toying around with as well...

Latest recipe....tomato mushroom beef pasta...
Good for lazy moms...
Just some fresh button mushrooms, tomatoes and onions.
Chopped in small pieces and allow to simmer in a slow cooker for a good half a day.
Blend up the sauce. Could be stored for later use.
When ready to serve, warm the sauce and add in mince beef and pasta cooked based on instructions.
There you have it...

Peeing on the floor.....

Today as usual we took off her diaper and allowed her to walk to the bathroom from our bedroom. So she just trottled off after being undressed towards the door. Somehow, midway she decided to squat down. Daddy just cautioned Mommy that she might poo. Little did Mommy expect this to become a reality! It didn't but she peed instead! She happily got up and wandered off after she finished her 'business'. Oh my goodness, Mommy really got to 'train' this little 'dog' to know her place.