Pages young?

Keziah's cough has been really persistent. It's been 2 weeks since the last time she came down with it and she's almost completing her medication. However, her cough and phelgm didn't seem any better. Mommy took her to the doctor again just to make sure she's on the right track. The doctor must be in a foul mood and Mommy was practically reprimanded for Keziah's condition. In fact, he even recommended keeping her away from school for 2 weeks as to him, it's just a vicious cycle whereby when Keziah's recovering since there was a day or two she was better before she started to cough badly at night again and threw up, and yet again hit by another virus again. Since it's more of a night cough, he suspected it was some form of allergy. But to what? We've been living in the same environment. Maybe we have to change her mattress and keep away her soft toys for now.

This time, she was given two inhalers, one a preventor and one to open up her airway to breathe and clear out the phelgm.
Ventolin inhaler to open up her airway.

This child mask for administering the medication.

How to do it....Looks as if she's having asthma which we hope not. Now it's simply being deligent in giving her the medication and hope it clears up quickly. Next week, we have to go back to review at the doctor again.

Thankful she wasn't very resistant to this form of medication and of course, she got other oral medication to go along. As the inhaler had to be given 4 times a day, the school will have to do it twice. Hopefully, they can manage to get the right dosage in the right manner to her.

Who cares....really cares

Once again, both kids are down. Keziah had been coughing for awhile with loads of phelgm jammed in her throat. Eventhough, Mommy had isolated Abel at Ah Ma's place, he's down too just yesterday. Why? All coz silly Mommy took Abel back for the weekend so that he could see his paternal grandparents, thinking that they would miss him. However, he was still brought in close proximity to Keziah eventhough everyone in the house is aware that the two have to keep a distant to prevent one from catching the bug from another. Under the eyes of those in the house while Mommy was busy with some washing, Keziah stuck her water bottle into Abel's mouth. Mommy blamed herself for just being able to catch sight but not stop the act while others stand and watch. Probably, she was too fast for anyone to respond. From that day on, Mommy just had a gut feeling that Abel would catch the bug and sure he did. So sad to see him having such congested nose that he could hardly breathe, whining all the time and losing his smiley self. Yesterday, after dropping off the milk and Mommy had to make her way home, Abel was calling out when she passed him back to Ah Ma. It was as if he was calling for Mommy to be with him. So sad that Mommy had to trouble Ah Ma to take care of him, knowing that it's really tiring for her since she's no longer young. Knowing that everyone is sick, Ah Ma tries to find out from Chinese Medical Hall what could be brewed to help the recovery. That's where the soups and drinks come from.

Mommy is so sick of the kids falling sick and herself being sick too. Now, Daddy is down with the bug as well. Keziah for this week had been really difficult and kept waking up at night to cry, only wanting to be carried to sleep. Mommy and Daddy hardly had any sleep. Mommy is just so tired and so is Daddy eventhough we do not live on our own. Not everyone has eyes to see and ears to hear this pain that we are going through, neither will talk become action for some. Or probably it's a way of love that Mommy do not understand. AFter all, the kids are ours and how we want to look after them is our duty. Blame it on Mommy for having put Keziah in childcare. Some are just there to play and not take care or only willing to offer half a care which makes life more miserable. Mommy is just so tired, so tired, so tired. Probably, it's God's way of telling Mommy it's time to take a step out from work to stay with the kids no matter how bright and fast her career track should be.

Laundry is piling up and it's really finding a night to wash them and hang them out. Everything is in a mess once Mommy starts work. Still thankful though that Ta ta helps to fold the laundry after they are collected in. Why don't get a maid? Hmmm....what to say?

All Mommy wants is just 1h of nap in the day if not two for Daddy and herself and for the kids to recover. It's really a pain when your kids are sick. For now, the plan is really to just keep Abel at Ah Ma's place for awhile. So that Ah Ma doesn't tires herself, Mommy will go over after Keziah is settled and goes to sleep, do the night duty, go to work and then back in the evening to spend time with Keziah and go again. Daddy will just have to be the one to drop of Keziah for next week and send Mommy to Ah Ma's place in the night. Just hope this works out as it's a change in routine for Keziah again, waking up and not finding Mommy, having Daddy instead of Mommy sending her to school.

Is Mommy talking sense? Not even sure too....the brain is too tired to function or forced to function somehow after all.

Having a child...Responsibilities

Now with 2 children and still working, life has become really tough. Wonder why? To many, lives go on as per norm even after having children as they have great family support from the extended family. Daddy and mommy could leave the children in the good hands of grandparents while they are at work. Mommy had a colleague who is a year old and now pregnant with the 3rd child. When asked how she could cope, all thanks to her mom who takes care of her 2 children. They are with grandma for the week, with Mommy popping in everyday to visit. Yes, the good thing, mommy gets more rest but the downside the children are brought up the way grandma does it rather than how mommy would like it to be. That being said, children don't remember much of their infant/toddler years till they are about 3 or more. However, seriously speaking when you are working full time, you really want some time off like such. Probably not every night, but once in awhile to get a breather.

Really having a child is a joy but it comes with great responsibility. Not to mention now that with two, it's even a greater bundle of joy and yet a greater load of responsibility to bear as parents. Sometimes, Mommy really wondered if she thought hard enough before having the little ones. It's really a dilemma. One has to have the time to take care and nurture the children. It would be great if Mommy could quit the job and nurture the little ones. This is a joy with one but could be a challenge with two not to mention three. It would definitely take time to work out a routine so that life can be more predictable with the little one. However, for now, this option is out till Mommy completes her bond unless someone is going to come out with some good bucks to buy her out. If not, make sure there is a willing soul, best a member of the extended family, to take care of the little ones, with priority given to the welfare of the little ones. Yes, that means sacrifice of their time and money which they could probably earn during this time. If their priority is the latter, probably consider twice. Living together doesn't equate to voluntary help.

Last but not least, if things really don't work out, it would be infant/childcare. This is definitely getting popular here in Singapore. Even the papers reported that there is an increasing demand for infantcare centres. Looks like life now in Singapore is getting tough with a single income. However, a word of caution, your kid will fall sick very easily, like what Mommy is going through now with Keziah. It's to the doctor every other week. When she's down, the little brother gets it as well. That's a real pain, both of the heart and of the pocket. Mommy was counting and we would have spent nearly $800 or more on medical bills on the two kids over the past month. Keziah would probably have been in school for 3 out of 5 days a week. Sometimes, she really questions herself whether money is well spent as it seems for now she's paying money to have Keziah fall sick, and paying more just to see a doctor. Yes, Keziah is definitely learning from school. At least now, she communicates in more or less complete statements, expresses herself better and surprisingly, less reserve before strangers or should we say overly friendly that we worry that she would just follow anyone that comes her way and even overcome her fear of seeing her PD whom she previously would cry the roof down the moment she stepped into his room without him even examining her.

So consider carefully before you have a child. What is it that you want in life?

Mommy now just wants to get over and done with for next week for work is madness now with an conference next week. This weekend Mommy will have to work as well. Little Abel has to start on formula for Mommy can't be sure she could find time and space to express milk and probably would have to bear the painful engorgement which will kill the supply. Keziah was just about to recover and yet hit again by another bulk of bugs. She is now seriously coughing with deep phelgm and sore throat that are irritating her sleep. Not surprisingly, she had been very happy on days she didn't have to go to school and even said "I'm still sick. No school." while she happily throttled off to play in the house. To avoid the spread of bugs, Abel is temporarily staying over at Ah Ma's place for the night and probably for next week too, if need be, in view of Mommy's schedule if Ah Ma could cope with the little one. Mommy will still need to drop off milk at Ah Ma's place in the night after putting Keziah to sleep. At least, Mommy could manage Keziah better rather than having hands tied with two struggling ones when she rushes home from work as there is an assumption that Mommy is independent enough. Mommy always look forward to Daddy's return everyday when she gets some decent help. These days Mommy is really like a mad woman in the house, constantly forgetting things, such as even bringing milk and medication for Abel in the morning. Thanks to Ah Gong who could drop by to pick up the staff for Abel. However, guess everyone thinks that Mommy's coping great coz she looks great at work as her colleagues commented "radiant and back in shape". Nobody believes that she was back in shape in just that one month all thanks to nursing sick children and herself and sleepless nights. All the clothes she bought in May coz she she wasn't losing weight are now far too lose to even wear as hipsters.

Abel at 6 mths and Keziah at 2yrs 3 mths

Milestones Abel achieved just a little before 6 months..
He's on his fours and definitely making his away around quickly.

He's sitting up on his own too, started sitting on one side and then now he's able to manage to prop himself up.

He's doing his push ups, all ready for NS..haha...

Just look at him sitting up and reading his book....

Well actually messing around and probably the book is better in the mouth than in the hands...

Keziah started her new music class at Seimpi Music School on 5 July. We have heard so much about and decided to give her a change. She was actually very excited to attend the class. However, being an inquisitive 2 year old, she was more interested in the keyboards that were in the room than really doing what the teacher said. There were only 5 children in the class and it's definitely a better student ratio and more spacious than the one she attended previously. It's so interesting that the students get to engage in many different activities in the session: percussion play to beat and rhythm, finger puppet play, storytelling about the note values, flash cards on note values and beats, learning about the 7 letters on the piano keys (actually Mommy didn't realised it's simply A to G as she had always learnt it by rote) using ice cream sticks with the letters to match those to the keys in their keyboard activity book.

This is Keziah and her teacher, Siew Pei. Just look at her wandering around while the class sang to "Where is thumb king?" using the finger puppet provided. Somehow the other little children could sit down and listen to the teacher, while Keziah either wandered on her own or refused to respond when asked of eventhough now she could speak rather well in complete statements. Wonder if that's because she's younger than the rest.

After class, we went for tea at Coffee Club at Raffles City. How alike are the father and daughter in their grins!

Father, daughter and son....Cheeky Keziah pulling her brother's ear...

Abel certainly like to have some milk shake too..."Daddy, may I have some?"

"Hey Jie Jie is enjoying the drink. I would like some's cold.. "

Yes, it's TEA TIME...

A big kiss for Daddy...our smiley boy looked on...

We met some church kids for a play date. It was cookie making time. The little ones were busy getting their hands dirty.

So was Keziah. She was more interested in putting the decorative bits on rather than to knead the dough. Mommy had to do the job and cut the shapes out for her. However, her interest was shortlived and ended Mommy did most of the cookies...

Ice cream time for all..just look at how the other older ones were eating and chatting...Keziah was simply observing.. cream was really yummy ya!

Back at Work

It's been 2 days back at work for Mommy. Things were already rolling in as Mommy met her bosses and read through her emails. Basically it's one update after another since Mommy has been away for 6 months. Seems like it's going to be a real busy time, starting with hosting a regional conference 2 weeks away. Hearing from the members, it looked like there's still quite some stuff undone. Thereafter, it's work, work and more work all lined up till the end of the year. Being away for 6 months, Mommy still got arrowed in her absence for work to be completed. It's a rather scary thought knowing how busy things can get. Mommy is simply just taking a day at a time now. Somehow time has to be arranged to be with the kids. Effectiveness at work is important so hopefully Mommy doesn't have to lug work back or stay back too late.

Working with night wakings can be quite tough. It's especially so when it hits the afternoon. Mommy just felt sleepy that she had to literally prop her head up while working on the computer. The mind has to adjust to being back at work too.

Abel is still down with a rather badly congested nose and we had to sleep without aircon the past few nights. Really hope he recovers quickly so that Mommy can get better rest as he's waking more frequently at night. Everyone too can return to sleeping in the cool of the aircon. Having been so used to sleeping in an aircon room, it can be rather warm to do without.

Keziah is still as sticky as usual and still hasn't gotten out of crying in the morning before going to school. In fact, yesterday Mommy started work and it began the routine of her being picked up by Ta Ta and Nei Nei only. Apparently, she looked for Mommy when she realised she wasn't there to pick her up and even kicked up a fuss when Nei Nei showered her down for the night. The night was terrible too, with her reverting to waking up crying several times looking for Mommy. Well, on one hand, it felt so good that you are missed, but yet it's too tiresome for this to keep repeating itself. Children are just so sensitive to change, or maybe it's just our little gal!