Weight Gain...Anxiety

Last Monday, Daddy and Mommy brought Keziah to the PD as her cough caused her to throw up the past few nights. Mommy thought she might just get some advice from him regarding Abel's weight gain which seemed rather low at 700g gain after 5.5wks of birth. Abel was born 3.19kg, discharged at 2.98kg and at 6 wks weighed 3.775kg only. Mommy fed Abel fully by direct latching on the breast and on demand as often as he required. However, somehow he just doesn't seem to put on. He could have been sleeping on Mommy's breasts and a lazy suckler. Mommy consulted the lactation consultant and started the whole regime of pumping milk even after latching for 15min so as to stimulate an increase in production. She is also now taking fenugreek and more soups which hopefully will increase the supply. Essentially, whatever that can be done, she will try. Now today Mommy took Abel back for review and he has gained 200g in a week. This is a good gain but he still has loads to catch up. Looks like Mommy's not going to have an easy time as she has to continue pumping for at least another month as that's when the breast will establish it's maximum capacity. Mommy has been adviced to top up with expressed breastmilk after day feeds. Somehow there are days when supply seems ok but there are days which it seems rather empty. It's really a struggle whether to supplement the feed or even just totally express out and bottle feed since that way, you will know definitely how much the little one is getting. Mommy certainly need to learn to take more rest and worry less. Mommy is just puzzled how Abel could eat so little and yet seem contented and sleep relatively well, feeding 2-3hly. Isn't a hungry baby an 'angry' unsettled baby? Now it's just carrying on with all the advice given and see how things work out while we pray and trust that Abel will gain and grow well.

Another year...

Today is Mommy's birthday and it was no more than another day that seems to pass. Yes, this year there is the additional of Abel, a little cutie but yet it is also a start of another cycle of disjointed rest. Somehow, with another year passed, Mommy felt it had taken a toll on her body. She is simply always so tired, not to mention the constant waking for feedings even at night, even more so than when she had Keziah. Today, Daddy bought cake back for Mommy, a little something to brighten her day up. Well, it would be nice if there a little more surprise or plan. Guess women just need a little surprise to feel good, like hubby coming back with a small gift or sees her needs and comes back with it without her saying. Was reading that an article that says even if man just buy a keychain and comes home to his wife saying, "dear, I found this really nice for you" or even leaving her a stalk of rose before she wakes, it makes a difference to the relationship. Not sure if we all trying to settle our lives with a new addition that this little spark has gone a little dim.

Guess with each year, time flies even faster and all the more, remembering our feeble self and that strength comes not from us but from God in all things that we do. Mommy is going to persist on with breastfeeding Abel though somehow it's tiring but we know it will be rewarding at the end of the day. It's just so interesting to look back when the time Keziah was born. It was also a struggle with breastfeeding but a different set of problem. Keziah slept through early and this probably helped as Mommy had a stretch of rest but for Abel, he was constantly demanding feeding every 2-3hrs. Mommy also felt that she was fuller with milk for Keziah than Abel. Abel sleeps quite alot in comparison. Practically after most feeds he would sleep for an hr or two while Keziah was very wakeful in the day. Abel appears to have less wind that troubled him compared to Keziah that sometimes we don't really know what she was crying for. Keziah was more expressive and probably played more since she's more awake than her brother. There's so much that is different, each baby is really an individual who can't be compared. We will just have to learn the trade of each. Be thankful for all will definitely make the day better than always comparing. Mommy certainly realised that the grass is always greener on the other side when she used to feel she had such a tough time managing Keziah the first few months but actually it wasn't that bad now looking back. Who knows what Mommy will say if she ever have a 3rd one?

The little helper

Some pictures of Keziah playing in the front yard of the house. She really likes the water hose and acts as if she's watering the plants. Oh yes, running outside round and round is another of her favourite past time when she comes home from Ah Ma's place in the evening. She's a real active girl. She's also at the stage of testing your patience, doing what you tell her not to do. Just look at her cheeky expression and I am sure you can tell what she is not suppose to be doing.

More Pictures of Abel.

Daddy has a chance to show off his new camera and took some picture of Abel. Here are some of the nice pictures he took. :) Enjoy!

If you would require someone to take pictures for your kid, Daddy can offer his service. :)

Pictures from StudioLoft

Finally the pictures are here. We took them in early November when Keziah turned 19 months and Mommy was about 31 weeks pregnant. The long awaited family pictures and Mommy's preggy shots from StudioLoft.

Nice isn't it?


Mummy's wallpaper when she goes back to work.

Daddy's wallpaper at work.



A nice family picture.

Valentine's day

This year's Valentine's day is different from past year. Now with 2 kids, especially a newborn whose scehule has not been fixed, Daddy and Mommy can't have much of a coupletime over some candlelight dinner. In fact, it's a day running errands. Abel went for his 1 month jab at the PD in the morning. At 5.5 weeks old, Abel weighs 3.7kg, measures 52.5cm in length and a head circumference of 38cm. He's on the small side and Mommy was wondering he was having enough though the PD didn't really make special mention. However, since Abel latches on directly, it was difficult to tell. We will probably be back 2 weeks' time for a review. Meanwhile, Mommy will have to work hard expressing after feeds to simulate more production. Afterwhich, Mommy had to pick up some cakes at United Square and go down to her office to settle administrative matters. Eventhough we had prebooked to loan Nei Nei's car, it went out even before we managed to see it in the morning. There went the reliability of prebooking and we had just had to make do with tsking a taxi with little Abel in tow. Our plan to pick up Daddy, Mommy and Keziah's studioshot was also cancelled as we didn't want to cram too much without the ease of a vehicle and having to wave down a cab in the hot sun with little Abel. Thank God the weather was actually quite fine with no blazing sun for this short 'excursion'.

After all was done, we cabbed back to United Square to buy some pump accessories and have lunch. Mommy fed Abel in the nursing room and of all things, Abel threw up quite a bit of milk for the first time after burping. Thankfully the episode didn't repeat itself. Not sure if it's cause his little body just isn't used to this running around on buses and taxi. Abel slept quite abit today to allow Mommy and Daddy some time for lunch at the Soup Restaurant (Mommy's favourite) while slinging him. Simple affair but a nice time eating together finally after Mommy delivered Abel.

Finally the day ended with some sweet cakes from BakersInz in the night after all the little ones went to bed. Daddy and Mommy finally had some short chat and rest our feet before going to bed.

A day with Abel

Abel was an angel when he was born, sleeping most of the time aside from the day and night reversal. However, there are periods of times he just want to latch on to Mommy all the time and this is really tiring. Now at 5 weeks old, he naps less but still wakes up at least once for a night feed at 2-3am and another at 6 am before rising at 8ish am despite the fact that he sleeps late. He's like his father, a night owl and refuses to retire till 11-12pm. Before that, he would be cluster feeding but Mommy really wonders if it's more of a comfort suckle as he falls asleep very quickly and seems to be just nibbling. Otherwise, he's snacking. Day naps have been short 30min for today but on some good days, it's 2hours. Not sure if that's cause Mommy is trying to get Abel to adjust to some routine based on "The Contented Little Baby Book" by Gina Ford. Mommy literally "forced" Abel to be up by 7 am. By 6pm, Abel was definitely tired from his yawn but he simply just couldn't nap properly earlier. Mommy wondered too if he was colic as he kept jerking his legs up while feedin.

Keziah's development at 22mths

For the past 5 weeks after Mommy delivered didi, Mommy realised how fast Keziah has picked up things. Now she is really quick at repeating the words that she hears spoken. So watch what you say. She was only saying monosyllabic words before Mommy delivered. Now she is very good with paired words and last week, Mommy heard her first simple sentence "Didi watch me". These days she is really putting words together to form sentences and has become more able to express herself or "command" others to do what she wants. She also manages both English and Mandarin but somehow Mommy feels she's picking up Mandarin better. She knows too to say "Thank you" when someone ask her what must she says if she wants something and of course, one of her favourite at the table is "more, please".

Whatelse is she able to do?
* Able to identify numbers 1-10
* Able to identify shapes
* Fitting simple puzzles
* Fixing things together such as large jigsaw bricks and even putting Daddy's shaver back after she dropped it and it came apart.
* Take instructions relatively well but it really depends on her mood as well.
* Take the hose as if she's watering the plant.
* Wearing everybody's shoes and walk around like an adult.
* Even attempt to carry her brother on top of bringing him the bouncer when Mommy brings Didi down to the living room.

Guess there is more that she could do but Mommy just hasn't got much time to observe with Didi keeping her busy and especially when he is on her breast so often. Mommy really would like to read more to her, really like to spend more time with her to do more things together. Managing two is really not easy and especially with Keziah now showing her emotional needs and Abel not having establish a routine with Mommy not even sure if he's getting enough milk.

Happy Ratty New Year!

First of all let us wish all readers of this blog a very Happy New Year and many happy moments to come. It's the year of the RAT beginning 7 Feb. Chinese New Year lasts 15 days but these days in Singapore we at most celebrate for 3-4 days, visiting relatives and friends.

Reunion Dinner at our place. A simple affair with 2nd Uncle's family, 3rd Uncle and cousin Peter and family. Cousin Raelyn was also here as her Ah Ma was not in town. All the little cousins were preset at the Reunion Dinner. It was the first complete Reunion Dinner since Keziah was born as she got a chance to mingle with her cousins.

The three beauties. (Left: Raelyn Center: Kiona Right: Keziah) err... where's Abel?

Cousin Raelyn enjoying the truck.

It's New Year's day! Keziah got up bright and cheery. It's the first year that she's aware of the Ang Bao she's getting. Daddy and Mummy got DiDi and her a Sesame Street Ang Bao which she enjoyed tremendously, shouting "Elmo" and "Ernie" two of her favourite characters.

Exploring her Sesame Street Ang Bao.

It's off to visitation in the later morning. The usual first stop will be at Su Poh Tai's place. Keziah donned on her first cheongsum to welcome the new year. Isn't she sweet?

Yiiiii.... Keziah is good at saying the "Yi" word... Wonder what she saw?

High Tech Greeting... Video Conferencing using Skypee with Da Pak Gong in Melbourne, Australia.

Little Raelyn joining in the fun with her own share of traditional chinese costume.

Our Family Picture. Little Abel was able to give a big smile....

Off to the next stop.... Wondering what is all the excitment about?

Abel.. the Limited Edition... the one and only... Thank you ShuShu and Jie Jie for this lovely romper... JIT for CNY...

Keziah in a rare photoshot of her playing with her cousin.

Keziah is usually shy towards people. She was shy when her cousin Aloysius offered her his Thomas to play. She just remained in her position while Aloysius showed her his battery operated Thomas the engine. But when Aloysius's jie jie brought out her Barbie Set, she charged forward and got her hands "dirty" and played with her like they were long lost friends. :)

At the end of a long day, our little girl lost her dainty composure.

Who says you cannot drink milk comfortably in your CheongSum? Let me show you how...

Abel's Diary Day 18 - 30

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 24

Day 25

Day 27

Day 29

Day 30

What do you think Abel is saying? Has Abel grown much over the month?