Happy Father's Day!

What's Daddy's gift? Haha...this homemade photoframe, done in secret by the kids while Daddy was out for a photoshoot...

Playdate with JCmates

Been ages since Mommy met up with her JCmates. Now that all are starting to have kids, it's good time to connect again. How cute are the little ones who are all about the same age!

4th anniversary....

Wow...Daddy and Mommy's been married for 4 years! Today we celebrated in a totally simple way of a homemade dessert in the cozy hall of our humble 4 room flat while the kids are asleep! Probably something more fancy when they get abit older or if we can find a babysitter now that we are on our own...

Keziah's first movie

Daddy and Mommy decided to take her off school earlier today to catch the movie "Monsters and Alien". This is her first movie and she was sure excited to go in, especially with the popcorn. Our little darling has grown, definitely beyond 90cm, having to pay for the ticket too. However, Mommy seriously felt that the movie wasn't qutie suitable for her age with the violence and fights which she was kind of afraid too and kept climbing to sit with Mommy or turning away. Maybe something more innocent like disney cartoons or ice age 2 which is coming up soon would be good. Nonetheless, it was a good first time experience for her.

Jacob Ballas with friends

Mommy finally met up with her JC mate Aunt Huilin and her friends at the garden. It was a nice sunny day and the kids had fun, especially in the sand play area. Sadly, the water play area was closed. It was nice catching up after such a long time, especially with those who lost touch since then and to see they've all become mommies. Not many shots as the camera ran out of batteries.

"Jungle" room..

Daddy and Mommy finally did up our room with the jungle theme decal that they bought some time back. How is it? The kids really like this new addition, especially Keziah who can't help insisting on helping to put it up.

Bye Aunt Delina

Aunt Delina was going to Sweden to work for 2 years. Though it was a late flight, we made it there to send her off...

Carnival time...

Keziah's school celebrated their 21st anniversary with a big bang at Fort Canning Park. It was a day full of gams and food for the little ones. With the Lians along, it made the whole event more fun since the gals kept each other company in all that was played. The teachers were all busy at their game stations as well as dressing up like the English in the 60s for a walk down memory lane.

Even Abel had his fun though he only played at one station which was this little trailer ride down a little slope.

New stroller

We got this at a steal of $99, a Maclaren daytripper. It's alot easier to fold than our Quinny Zapp but of course not as compact. Good thing it comes with a basket to hold some grocery when Mommy goes shopping without fear of toppling by just hanging all the bags on the handle.

Abel has gotten so akin to it that he would get up on the stroller on his own and even try to buckle up when it's time to go out.

Playground @ TPY

Mommy has been taking Abel down for morning walks at the playground these few days when he's home. Just look at him venturing the new grounds with excitement. Soon we might have to find a new spot for him to have fun if we are going to do this everyday. As we are usually down very early like 8am, there's hardly anyone. We just watched people going off to work or jogging with their dogs. Would be nice if there are some little kids to come along to play as well. Or maybe people go down only in the evenings.

Special sandwiches

Mommy had bought some Sanrio cookie cutter some time back and this morning she decided to make Keziah a special breakfast. Cheese bread as usual but cut out in these cutie shapes and she loved it. Even her little brother wanted to get his hands on them..

I can fish....

Abel and Keziah have been playing this fishing game at Nei Nei's place. Just today we noticed Abel was just learning like his sister to fish and amazingly his focus was quite good and caught a number of fish.

An interesting conversation

Of recent, Keziah's been making very interesting comments and dramatising alot more. We noticed over some dinners, she actually said this:

K: The strawberry is crying.
Mom: Why? What's wrong?
K: It misses her friends.
Mom: Where are her friends?
K: In my tummy
Mom: So what should we do?
K: I am going to eat it so that she will be happy with her friends.

Not too sure to laugh or cry...Child's logic..

Gym class?

Mommy's out for freebies these days. MyGym @ Marine Parade had an Open House and we ventured there for the little ones to run around. Must say they had great fun when it came to such motor skills exploratory activities. Abel was all too excited with all the activity station, not to mention Keziah. We did headstand as well as forward roll as part of gymnastic training.

The kids were most captivated by the puppetary at the end of the session.

Seimipi Concert

Well it's another concert after the last one half a year ago. This time round they had a better auditorium and definitely more order. This time round, our little gal went up herself to perform on the tambourine. Mommy was so proud the night before that she could actually tap the tambourine to the rhythm of the sound "Play your sound" as she was never doing it right when in class. Keziah was also beaming when she saw how excited Mommy was over her achievement. An even bigger achievement was her going on the stage on her own! Our little girl has grown up.

This time round, only 4 out of the 6 from her class took part in the concert. Just look at the little ones so well dressed for the concert. Heehee....Keziah's looking so dainty and shy when holding Junxi's hand for the photoshoot after the finale.

Abel was all in awe looking at the little kids perform for the longest time. Not to mention his focus and ability to sit for quite a long while on his own watching the performance and clapping after each item with the crowd.

Aquaducks Trial

It's been awhile we haven't been a pool. Mommy thought it would be good to make use of a free swim trial by aquaducks to see how he's comfortable being in there. Well, definitely not very well when he's out of Mommy's arm for the teacher to take him for a little swish in the water. Think he's a little frightened of this whole new environment though he was excited when he saw many babies in the pool. It's just amazing to see how other babies could kick and hold their breathe to swim an arm length to their mommies. Would we sign up for it? Erm...consider again...though it's fun..

Kidz Amaze @ TPY Safra

We tried out this indoor ball pit. It's really great exercise and all the more when you have pals along. The older one just be the leader and bring all the little one up. Definitely Keziah won't have done all these if not for having a 8 year old Phinehas gor gor guiding her along. Our little kids all had great fun running while in this relatively large gym and of course, eating quite a bit every time they take a periodic break.

Oops but Abel was too little to be in there so he had to be contented with a little slide and kiddy ride at the peripheral of the structure.

P.S. Socks is a must for all kids entering the area so don't forget to bring a pair if you are going.

Apple on my own...

Abel hit another milestone today. He managed to take the apple on his own and bite on it. He was enjoying his moment biting and chewing the crunchy apple. We always had to scrap to feed him otherwise he will choke but now he can do it all by himself.

Circle line....our first maiden trip

We finally visited Mommy's NIE practicum mate after many failed attempts at meetin because of both our busy schedule. It was definitely a good time catching up. Her kids were really lovely and Abel really enjoyed a great time play with them though they are older (one's 4 and the other's 2). Pity we didn't get a picture of them in action. Abel was just simply imitating what the older ones were doing. Mommy found it a little amusing at the socialability of the little one. Thanks gal for accomodating us and the mess the little one created.

It's also Mommy's first attempt to try the Circle Line since it's recently opening. It was quite alot of walking have to change train twice from NS to Circle then to NE line though it seemed just only a few stations. Abel who hasn't been out on the MRT often seemed rather apprehensive though, crying whenever he saw the MRT doors close. He just didn't seem very comfortable in the train. Probably a little too spoilt, having travelled in the car most of the time.