Staycation @ Conrad

We took the opportunity to have a staycation @ Conrad where the wedding dinner was held. It eased the rushing off after the dinner to get the exhausted kids home. After a good nice sleep (yes, the room was really comfortable with nice soft bed and pillows that for once, I didn't feel that I missed my bed), the kids were ready to swim.

After a nice breakfast, it was time for a dip. The hotel even provided the kids with their own bathrobes.
Pity there wasn't a kids' pool but nonetheless, the kids had fun. Abel waddled near the steps while Keziah did her laps.
Gorgeous Daddy and the two...

Keren continued her time with her pram toy. Puzzled why she's here facing her toy...
 Somehow it still entertained her.

A rose for you

Mummy had to take Keziah back to the hotel room first from dinner as she was simply tired out. When Daddy came back with Abel, Mummy had a surprise. He brought back a rose for her! How sweet a little boy at moments like this.

Jeff and Philane's Wedding

It's the big day of Shu Shu! Yes, Jeff and Philane's getting married! Everyone's all excited for them, especially the little ones

At the church wedding,

 Wedding favors….

The kids were all prepared for their little roles as flower girl and page boy. Even little Keren was exceptionally chirpy for the day.
 Our lovely cousins who will be part of the entourage. Many thanks to Aunt Ti Ti for dressing the girls up.
The team...
 Don't they look so sweet? Hardly see Abel so formally dressed, prim and proper!
 Still haven't had enough of the pretty dress and the make over...
It was good to see my dad at the wedding. It was one of the rare occasion that he's present at a dinner and certainly great that we can have a family shot.

Formula Merlion

In an effort to gain weight, we tried her on formula for last feed. We gave her Similac Neosure as recommended by PD. it is a higher calorie milk formula for premmies and low weight babies.We trialed with day feed a few days back and she was fine. However when we swapped to night, she merlioned the whole feed or more in her sleep 2 h after. For 2 nights we had to clean up the big mess. Sometimes she would throw up till as if she gagged. Prayfully she is well.

After 10 days..

Checked in again on weight for little Keren. She's 3.76 kg today, 10 days after her previous weigh in.

Lego Fad

The whole family is into it! Look at what they made over 2 nights…and the kids still wants more...

Happy Birthday Daddy

Next week is Daddy's birthday but it's going to be a busy weekend with Shu Shu's wedding. So we decided to give Daddy a surprise this week. While Daddy was at piano lesson with Abel, Mommy took Keziah to get a cake for him and this time, it's one that Keziah decorated on her own. It's the Icing Room. Keziah was looking forward to getting her hands on it and has been talking about it since a week ago when we chanced upon the shop while waiting for Daddy at Junction 8.

Keziah just loved the motif cake and she chose for herself a fish. The baker actually created the motif on the spot with chocolate melt.
 There she gets herself busy with the little packs of colored icing.
 Finally, our happy Daddy with the little ones...
 A big hug from Keren and a little ah go go dance.
But who gets the presents? The kids! Haha they chose these for themselves when we were window shopping at Bricks shop. Not surprising for Abel as he had always been a fan of Lego, typical of his builder's character. Guess it has brushed off on Keziah too. Let's see how they work on it.

8.5 weeks Motor skills updates

Keren turning head @ 8 weeks from Joan on Vimeo.

She's not just cooing to her toys but also to all who talks to her. Even if she doesn't coo, she will flash her big smile when you engage her in a conversation. Social creature..

Good with legs. She simply loves kicking under her rocker and hear her toys making clinging sounds. Less of hands, more of legs..

9 weeks...See better…Focus better

Looks like now Keren can see a lot better. She is really focussing and trying to kick her mobile.

Keren's 2 months old

A lot chubbier and responsive. Your conversation will always be returned with a smile!

Hands and Legs

We finally took some abstract shots!
Waving all over...
More Oooo and Ahhhhh….

8 Weeks…Nice and Snug

Mommy has been out and about with this pouch that nicely fit Keren in. Always so comfy and snug that it puts her to sleep. Today at 8 weeks old, she weighs 3.54 kg. Yes, we are progressing each week with a more steady gain of about 200 g though there's more catch up to do.
Caught her with some cute expressions under the playmat.

Progress with Tummy Time

My love belongs to Daddy and Mummy..

Yes….so is ours to her...

A leap in weight gain

We had been seeing the lactation consultation Sister Kang at Mt Alvernia and we must really thank her for her enthusiasm in helping Mommy to breastfeed Keren and giving advice on gaining weight. She called over the weekend to get us to weigh in again today. Surprisingly, Keren had a leap in weight, gaining a good 150g over the weekend to hit a weight of 3.435 kg. Hope she will continue with this gain and suckle better when latched.

More Playmat Time

At 7 weeks 3 days, Keren is spending more time on the playmat. She can be playing on her own sometimes for as long as 20 minutes. She now not just tracks objects, she is attempting to grab toys in front of her and kick them with her feet.

The Trio…Keren's 7 weeks old..

Keren had her weight check again today. There was gain but still not as satisfactory. Only 100 g since last week, clocking a weight of 3.29kg today. Nonetheless, she's as active and expressive. She never fails to respond to anyone talking to her, looking hard as if trying to recognize you.
 Ain't they grow cuter each day?

More Tummy Time…But...

Fingers seemed to be more enticing than looking up….Suck Suck Suck...

Little notes from Kez...

Daddy and the Brood

Daddy's is ever hands-on with the kids. I can never complain about him putting his all for them as much as I often talk about his lack for romance.


Mouth full of Mommy's Milk

Crossed eyed….looking real puzzled