Trying week....

It's been really tiring with both the little ones sick. Abel was down with bronchitis and had to be on the nebulizer. Keziah was once again hit by fever on Tuesday, and this time together with flu. The past week of sleepless nights have taken a tow on Mommy who also came down with the bug. Going back to school after 2 days of break from school was basically starting from square one again but thank God she slept a little better at night. Mommy hasn't had such good nights for the past 2 nights since she started childcare. Mommy still faced the separation drama of crying from the time she leaves home with Keziah and on reaching school. A quick goodbye and assurance that Mommy will be back to pick her up have become an usual routine as most said this was the best to ease off the separation anxiety rather than giving the child hope that her efforts will soften Mommy's heart. Still Keziah will cry when she sees us at pickup, crying as if she was bullied and sounded really pitiful. Guess it's gonna be awhile before she adapts to this new lifestyle.

Just as Mommy was saying that Keziah was sleeping better, she woke up and cried and repeated the nightmare of wailing, wanting to be carried to sleep. Ok, we just have to pray to learn to rest better after this crying din. Mommy knows it's tough on her too being so young and having to go to childcare but it's still a better choice for now.

Someone once asked if Mommy is going to have number 3. Looking at what is happening now, Mommy sure has second thoughts about it though. Not for the next 2-3 years at least for now. Ha ha...maybe by then Mommy would be so happy with the kids' mobility that she doesn't want to go through the whole cycle again! Now sleep is what she craves for before returning to work on Monday.'s a dreadful thought having to go through all these in preparation for the return. There's much Mommy wanted to do but looks like things have to be pushed back as settling Keziah into the childcare was more than expected.

Some pics update

Well Mommy has been too tired to update the blog with pictures eventhough we did take some nice pics over the past two weeks. Anyway, Yi Yi has kindly took some pictures and video this weekend. Here's the snapshots of how the little ones have been and developed.









This is a rather long video clip of our little ones at church, playing with the older ones since they are one of the youngest. Some snapshots of the little ones at our new flat at Toa Payoh. Abel is really on the move now and always grabbing something to bite on while Keziah is constantly over him. She's such an affectionate sister but can be rather rough at times, not knowing how strong she is herself.

Crying Truama

Keziah was pretty good when Mommy picked her up though a little weepy. When Mommy asked her if she wanted to go back to school and see Teacher Shirmaine, she said "Yes". Mommy thought that was a good start. However, the story changed once she rested for the night. She was very clingy to Mommy too. Ta ta and Nei Nei were back from their holidays and she was excited to see them. Of course, this dragged her sleeptime even later last night. The nightmare started after she went to bed. She kept waking up almost 2hly to cry, wanting to go out of the room, didn't want to sleep and simply wanted to be carried by Mommy only. It was exhausting. Mommy hardly slept. She didn't even want Mommy to carry Abel and not to mention feeding him in the night. Guess she was overtired and insecure as well being the first time away from a familiar environment for long hours.

This morning, she was wailing away when Mommy took her to school even before we stepped out of the house. Teachers had to 'tear' her off Mommy. Yupz, Mommy knew it was rather painful but she had to learn. Really it's painful to hear the child cry so sadly and miserably. Thankfully she didn't scream and was quiet for a moment though she was constantly calling for Mommy and want to go out of the schoolgrounds. At least there is still her class teacher that is always attending to her once she reaches school. Hope that familiarity will build up. Now we can only pray she will get over this phase quickly and know that Mommy and Daddy are just leaving her there to play and learn for that few hours so that she could make new friends and have some fun.

Lots happening

It's been awhile since this blog was last updated. Mommy and Daddy have been busy making arrangements for the little ones since Ah Ma was moving house and couldn't take care of Keziah as well as making adaptation plans to settle Abel at Ah Ma's while Keziah starts off chilcare.

We went for church camp last week at YWCA. Mommy and Daddy thought they could leave the kids with the sisters from church to play while they have a time to listen to messages and fellowship. Abel was a fine angel and slept as he should. Probably he didn't know what separation anxiety is as yet but Keziah acted up. She was crying and wailing and ordering to be out of the nursery to be with Daddy and Mommy. She hardly napped at the 2 days in camp and had difficult nights being overtired. Poor Daddy and Mommy could hardly rest.

Today she started off chilcare. Mommy dropped her off at the centre. As expected, she cried and repeated the same thing at church camp. She clung onto Mommy the moment we got off the car and refused to step down into the schoolgrounds. It was only after some coaxing that she played a little. Everytime Mommy made a move to leave her further with the teachers, she would cry knowing Mommy was leaving. After awhile, Mommy had to harden her heart and tear herself from her, telling her that Mommy had to see the principal and go to work before returning to pick her up. Sorry gal, Mommy has to leave you there. Hope she will learn to outgrow this phase and settle down quickly.

More laters....

Abel's crawling at 4m 3wks

As of last Friday 30 May, Abel started to 'crawl', moving himself on the tummy, making turns and even launching forward by kicking his feet and pulling himself with his hands. In fact, he is now rather quick that he could be out of his playmat when Mommy just pops away for a few minutes. He would work himself to get at the things he wants, i.e. his toys. Even in his cot, he could turn himself 360 degrees on his tummy to grab at his blankie or bean sprout pillow or toys hanging by the side rails. However, Mommy hasn't been able to capture a good video clip of his act. Most of the time, when Mommy's ready with the camera for the show to roll, Abel has more or less finish his act or otherwise, camera shy to perform when the camera was pointed at him. Here's the best so far of his moves which were more sedated.

Cooking a Storm

Keziah has started her pretend play, sometimes even imaginery play without any props. She certainly loves cooking, be it deligently cutting away or stirring up her soups in her pots. Being home today and for the next few days, one of her favourite play is cooking with her play set. Mommy and Nei Nei have become her food tasters.

Foot in the mouth

Now everything goes into Abel's mouth, including his little feet which Mommy spotted today.