March Fun

Holidays are here! Fidgets was great to keep the active kids occupied.
A little trip to the airport to watch the planes. We haven't done this for a long time.
Never missing the zoo whether it's holiday or day off school.
Development milestone: The kids overcame their fear of the splash zone and learnt to enjoy the blast from the raining bucket of water.
I love this picture! Simply the sweetest of the trio!

Keren's passport photo @ 7 month

Our attempt to take our little girl's passport photo to be ready for any possible trip in March.

March Kids' Baking

Mommy has gotten into baking recently with the new Facebook group she is in. With some day off from school for Keziah due to excursions, we gotten down together to bake muffins. She just loves the measuring and stirring and mixing.
One of the nights, Keziah saw Mommy making buns and she insisted on joining in. So here we were, making our very own sausage rolls.
Not too bad isn't it?

@ 6.5 months Keren's sitting well and playing with toys

Awareness of toys around her! Rolling a ball before bed time…

We tried her in the exersaucer that we kept since Keziah's time. She's enjoying the time playing with all the activity stations. It certainly gives Mommy some time to do the household chores.
Early introduction to driving! Beep beep...

TV time with Jie Jie and Kor Kor…what's keeping them in their seat?


Abel has reached the age to start reading and Mommy started to dig out materials to introduce to him phonics and sight words. We tried to make it a weekly activity as far as we could. It's been since so from late January but our progress has been slow as Mommy could simply do so much with a pair of hands and 3 kids.
Thank God though that Abel has a good keen phonetic sense which makes blending alphabet sounds together very easy to him. These days we realized when we show him simply 3-4 letter words, he can actually blend them together.

@ 6.5 months Keren's moving on her tummy

Keren's getting more mobile everyday. Though she doesn't flip, she's moving herself on her tummy. Tummy time doesn't seem to be her favorite time but nonetheless it gives her the opportunity to exercise her limbs.