Almost 7 months!

Can't believe it! I haven't been posting for quite awhile. There is always so much going on, at work and at home. Finally settling into my work, getting adjusted to being a full time working mum. Really looking forward as the end of the year draw near. Work seems to ease off alittle. At home, little Keziah is growing up so quick that I find it hard to catch the moments. She has certainly learnt to sit up without support, making all efforts to crawl - doing boy style pushups most of the time in her efforts to learn to crawl forward, taking great joy in being on her two little feet! She simply love to bounce on her feet as if she is all ready to walk in no time. She can smile with the greatest delight even though she is going to topple over. She simply clings onto her the arch of her play should she have the chance to be put in her feet. Sometimes, she literally wants to pull herself up using that.

Talking about her feeding. Mummy started her on porridge this weekend. Guess what! She just loves to eat! Mummy had her greatest shock looking at how Keziah enjoys her food. Sat - sweet potato porridge, Sun - pumkin and carrot porridge. She would have 2 whole bowl of porridge if not for mummy stopping at 1.5 bowls and told her that's enough. She also had her first taste of banana, half a small banana with her eager to get on with more. Once again, mummy stopped her for fear she would overeat. Now mummy wonders if Keziah would balloon in no time with her great love for food. One bad thing, Keziah doesn't really like to drink much water. So mummy tried to mix 30-40ml of organic pear juice which isn't very sweet at all with 120ml of water. She finished it all in one go! Amazing but hope this doesn't breed another bad habit like her perpetual love of sucking her thumb.

Now mummy is deciding which size of swim suit to get her coz as usual mummy hasn't been really shopping physically but simply doing online shopping. Mummy is kinda hocked on bulk purchases and sprees on forum, buying stuff for little Keziah. Arghhh...gotta curb before I burn a big hole in my pocket.