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Friends, to share the good news that is having flat rate USD 3.99 for international shipping to SG. Just order on your own and have it arrive at your doorstep.

First Class International Airmail -- For orders valued up to USD$80.00, and weighing up to 3 pounds (1361 grams). The favorite shipping method for our valued customers in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Very reliable.

Simply log on to and sign up for an account.
Remember to use discount code MAY484 to get USD5.00 off your first purchase. No MIN purchase required.

Can mix and match your purchases.

Good buys:

CHILDLife products!
eg: Childlife colostrum
$17.24- $5 discount + $3.99 intl ship = $16.23
USD$16.23 x 1.5 (exchange rate) = SGD$24.35 per bottle compared to buying it for SGD70+ in Singapore.

1st teeth toothpastes!

Nordic vitamins!

Hurry as items go out of stock quite fast with this good deal. Happy ordering!