Keziah's done it!

Finally after much proding, Keziah pooed using the toilet instead of her diapers as of last week. Time and again she still asked us for diapers but we had to give a firm NO! It worked being tough on her and not give in to her wants. Mommy's so proud that now she can just go to the toilet and poo there. The next step is to get the diapers off for the night. Mommy's not going to be hard on this as she's such a heavy sleeper and would definitely fuss if we bring her out at night to wee. So we'll let it be for awhile till she's more ready or rather when Mommy's more ready.


Princess of Smiles said...

congratulations on another step closer to BYE BYE DIAPERS project!!!

toilet training seemed sooooooo stressful....

next time must ask you for tips =)

getting used to homemakerlife??