Lower Pierce Reservoir

We took an evening stroll at Lower Pierce Reservoir. It's been a long while since we last did that. It was a nice cool evening and there were so many people fishing by the waterside. The kids were amazed with the catch of mini lobsters, prawns and fish and simply squatted next to the little tanks where people placed their catch. There was an old playground with those merry-go-round which now you could hardly find in most modern ones and the kids had fun going on it though it was rickety and cranked with every move. Keziah had fun with hopscotch too...


Anonymous said...

hi joan, me pixiepixel here (jazry). How have you been? i can see that you have been enjoying yourself, and most importantly, your kids are happy and laughing.
Got time, drop me a mail ok? i am thinking about you every other day and you are always included in my prayers