Japan..Tokyo Asakusa, Odaiba, Tsukiji Fish Market, Puroland, Chinatown, Imperial palace

We visited the famous Sensijio Temple at Asakusa. The streets that led the way to the temple were lined with little stores selling souvenir goods and food. As usual, we ate and walked along the way.
How do you cleanse yourself before entering the temple? What a cute illustration!
Odiaba, the man-made island. We took the ferry there and saw some sights of Tokyo as we cruised down the river.
The famous rainbow bridge that reminded us of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Actually, this whole island was designed to resemble Santa Monica.

There were many different themed building and we started off at Decks. The whole place was a gaming centre, selling teen stuff. We had some simply fare at this place that looked like a classroom.
At Palette Town, it was a mix of highend shopping and kids friendly playareas for families.
We chanced upon an open quadrangle where a street performer was performing his stunts. The kids were captivated by him.

Here, you will never miss the big ferris wheel.

Not missing the Toyota showroom that featured some of the latest cars, including the fuel saving hybrid cars. There's even a game to teach you how to drive these hybrid cars. Keziah too found love with one of these cars and insisted on driving it.
The day wasn't done without filling our stomach. Off we went for dinner at Shin Yokohama at the Yokohama Ramen Musem. Look at the variety that they had!

Don't be misled by the facade as there's a hidden city underground. Delicious ramen!

We visited the famous Tsukiji Fish Market for breakfast. We didn't catch sight of the auction in the early hours of the day as the area was out of bounds to foreigners for this period of time. Somehow even though auction time was over, the market was all packed up, but the people were still busy going around in their vehicles. Yes, we ate our freshest and more delicious sashimi breakfast at one of the shops over there. Though we didn't queue for the famous 2 shops as the queue was really long and the sitting capacity was limited. Nonetheless, we took an alternative and were treated to a delicious feast as well. Somehow though the rice bowl looked big, we never seemed to have enough at the end of it. Abel loved the fish roe (caviar) with rice while Keziah liked salmon but not tuna. Photography was not allowed and thus no pictures to show our yummy food.
Puroland. That's where Hello Kitty and the Sanrio friends were! Even the train going there had Hello Kitty sticker on the windows.
Everything along the street had Kitty on it, even the street signs and not to mention, the toilet and phone signages inside Puroland.

We caught a musical too! It was really nice just a pity it was all in Japanese.

As with Chinatowns everywhere else in the world that we visited, you will never miss these gates. We had our breakfast at one of the Chinese restaurants. The waitress spoke mandarin but there was still no chilli nor chilli oil to spice up our food. It must be the rice that made our Chinese taste a little different from home.

There was an aquarium just tucked in the corner of one of these streets. There were many interesting fish as well as other sea creatures that never failed to amaze our kids.
There was even an indoor area set up for children to play and appreciate fish all in one.
To end it all, we went down to the Tokyo Imperial Palace but sadly the place was closed to public by the time we arrived. Furthermore, it was the king's birthday that day and there was supposedly a huge crowd to hear him speak in the inner courts that morning (one of his two appearances to the public annually). So just some pictures from outside the moat that surrounded the palace.
We had to wake up really early to catch a 6.10am airport limousine bus down to the airport for our flight at 10.55am as the bus took about 1.5-2hr to journey down. Once there, we checked in and had our breakfast of our last Japanese food before we departed for our flight.
On the flight as we bid goodbye to Japan...


Princess of Smiles said...

It's a fabuloousss trip!! It must have been fun =)

This is not your first time in Japan right?

Can share with me your itinerary?