Toilet Training K for night

Yes Mommy hasn't toilet trained Abel since he's going through his poo ordeal bringing us back to ground zero with what has been achieved. Taking the opportunity of the holidays, Mommy wanted to start toilet training Keziah for the night since she's already 4 year and 2 months. However, this feat is harder than it seems. Having read and heard from friends some strategies such as cutting her night feed (which we had done for quite awhile), have her wee before bed, not giving her too much liquids before bed, nothing worked so far. So Mommy started this holiday with trying to carry her to toilet to wee about 11ish to 12pm before Mommy's bedtime. Not only does she wakes up and kicks up a fuss,  she struggles so much that Mommy could hardly get her balance with a 17kg child in hand. Looks like this is not working. Is Mommy going to wait for her to naturally outgrow and toilet train herself? Will it ever happen on it own overnight?