Going 35 weeks

Haven't been posting as often as term has started and everything seemed to zoom past so quickly. Daddy's been attempting to take more pics with his DSLR so he's the rate determining step to updating as well. Our foursome time is left another 5 more weeks before our little princess pops. While the kids are excited, there are many changes impending.

Somehow everything to get things in order is just going to slow, procrastination in part but the tiredness is getting more and more profound with the increasing weight and expanding tummy. More night wakings to visit the loo and a lot movement with dancing tummy. Heart burn is getting quite unbearable and definitely taking smaller meals to ease it. So sad to see varicose veins on my thighs which never made its appearance the last 2 pregnancies.

Will Mommy go into labour without having the house ready? Geez, must garner more energy to run this last lap!

To date, our little princess at 34+ weeks is about 2.2 kg, a good weight thus far. Since the last visit 2 weeks ago, baby gained about 200-300 g while Mommy gained 0 g. Hopefully she puts on the 200g/week from now base on the regular growth chart.