Keren's Birth Story

We had been waiting for her arrival. Being the 3rd one, we expected an earlier birth, an easier birth but guess it all caught us as a surprise.

Mommy has been off school for 2 weeks in this month of August laden with hols. The wait was getting more laborious as the little one gaining weight as well as mommy. We were given 18 August for induction since the next day is EDD but we wanted to wait natural.

The day went by and still no sign.

We slept but the night of 17 August was really unrested with multiple toilet visits.
Then as we passed midnight, 18 August
3.30 am Contractions. Is it?Tried to rest in bed but the frequency got closer till almost once every 3 min.
4.00 am Wash up and headed off for hospital
4.30 am Checked in and was prepared. Will it be as quick as Abel's where dilation was 5 cm.
5.00 am only 2cm dilated so it's a long wait. IV drip and antibiotics administered. Contraction eased.
8.00 am Gynae came. Still 2cm.."Still early. have breakfast first." Some med was administered to increase contraction.
9.30 am Got moved to birth room and had a very unappetizing breakfast while watching Martha Steward whipped up yummy dessert. Contractions was still slow and cervix dilation only moved to 4 cm. However, each contraction was getting more painful. Baby's heartbeat was falling so was given oxygen.
Bed pan was given in hope draining the bladder would move the baby down. Thigh jab was given to ease pain but as usual did little.
Pain was hitting the roof despite the slow dilation and time just ticked so slowly. Or should I say I'm unaware what time is as I prayed that God just help me dilate quickly and get over this ordeal. I asked hb if I should take epidural but his reply: "It's ok I'm here with you."
The pain was unbearable and I was practically crying with eyes closed as each contraction built up. The nurses finally allowed gas but I was just not breathing the right way, not holding each breathe as I should. Even now, cervix was only 6 cm.

1030 Little did I know the next moments just sped along with a mass wetting (Don't ask me if it's pee or the water bag). Baby just descended and I just felt like pushing. Nurses Informed my gynae then all I heard was "don't push....cervix's not fully dilated...otherwise you'll tear your anus..very good..8 cm already...9 cm...9.5 cm..

1100 Gynae came and the mask was taken away. Push and push..2 pushes and she's out!

1105 Princess Keren @ healthy 3.220 kg. Thanks to God for He has answered our prayers.

 Total exhausted….Not any better when the standard of the confinement meals has gone down over the years.
 After a good clean up and ready for first feed...
Her first smile….