Smurfing Good Time

Smurfs were really a thing of the past in Daddy's and Mommy's time which we enjoyed a great deal but the kids knew nothing of them. Since there was an opportunity to introduce them what we loved with "Paint a Smurf" @ Northpoint, Mommy jumped at the chance. Of course, it's Daddy's time too as Mommy stayed home with the little one.
The outcome after 30 minutes of painting. Though we didn't win any prize, the kids had their fun with acrylic paint and brought home with them the lovely pieces. In fact, another Mommy took a picture of our smurfs and posted on her blog.


San said...

Hiya! Yes... I thought your Smurfs were "patriotic" to say the least! Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to meet, but glad to know more fellow parent bloggers! :)