Happy Birthday Daddy

Next week is Daddy's birthday but it's going to be a busy weekend with Shu Shu's wedding. So we decided to give Daddy a surprise this week. While Daddy was at piano lesson with Abel, Mommy took Keziah to get a cake for him and this time, it's one that Keziah decorated on her own. It's the Icing Room. Keziah was looking forward to getting her hands on it and has been talking about it since a week ago when we chanced upon the shop while waiting for Daddy at Junction 8.

Keziah just loved the motif cake and she chose for herself a fish. The baker actually created the motif on the spot with chocolate melt.
 There she gets herself busy with the little packs of colored icing.
 Finally, our happy Daddy with the little ones...
 A big hug from Keren and a little ah go go dance.
But who gets the presents? The kids! Haha they chose these for themselves when we were window shopping at Bricks shop. Not surprising for Abel as he had always been a fan of Lego, typical of his builder's character. Guess it has brushed off on Keziah too. Let's see how they work on it.