Keren's 3 months old

Time sure flies. Keren is 3 months old. We brought her for her jab. She now weighs 4.23 kg, length 55 cm and head circumference 38.5 cm. Pd still felt her weight gain was low and recommended the following:
1) Add MCT (Middle Chain Triglyceride) oil to increase calories of milk 3x 1.5 ml
2) 2 formula feeds to supplement
3) Continue vitamins

None of which is easy to carry out. Oil is super oily, with fm Keren still merlions and vitamins isn't easy to feed even if it's 1 ml. Somehow we still try as best as we could.

Is really gaining/doubling birth wt at 3 months important? She took 3 months to gain 1 kg when most babies would have done so in 4-6 weeks.

Nonetheless, she's still the ever happy baby….Look at all her smiles and hear her laugh out loud...