Keziah's 6th Birthday

Keziah's turning 6. This is also her last year at kindergarten. We decided to put our hands to work and make some little goodies for her friends at school. 

She was simply so excited to get her hands on cookie making.
 Gingerbread man and Melody...
 Mommy tried to be a little ambitious to attempt to prepare her birthday cake from scratch. It all began with trials of making cupcakes which seriously turned out harder than it seemed. Then, learning how to make buttercream icing and last but not least, to put everything together. Smurfs was Keziah's choice.
 As it's good Friday and the school was having a holiday on Thursday, we celebrated at school on 4 April, a Wednesday. It is such a coincidence that our neighbor on the 40th floor also had her birthday on the same day. So here are the girls..
 As usual, all kids being excited over birthday cakes..

To make a difference, rather than the usual party, we had a staycation at Sentosa. Family time spent well together enjoying many firsts. Keziah was all so excited about it and had been telling everyone about it as the date draw near.

Here, we were. Attempting our first Luge and skyline ride. Initially, Keziah was reluctant to go up, very much expected of our less adventurous girl. She only agreed after Mommy went with her on tandem. She loved it thereafter and wanted more.
Not forgetting to capture the myriad of expressions of our little one while she waited for us.
Mommy and daughter team..
Daddy and Son team...
The sky was just so lovely and the kids couldn't resist playing on the beach though we just wanted a stroll.
Not having enough, we went for a night ride! Wheee…...
As the day draw to a close, we ended it with the lovely crane dance.
Next day was wet and wild at Hard Rock Hotel sandy pool. Keren had her first experience in the water. No fear and she just comfortably sat there to play sand and kicked around when in the water. Thanks to my dear friend, Orange, who loaned us the swim suit and the float. Keren had such a great time.
The trio … water babies..
Father time with the lovelies

Mommy and her little girl..
Never having enough...

To feed to hungry tummies after a swim, we dug in at the Malaysian Food Street. Surprisingly, the food was delicious, much more than what we expected. Prices were a little high but low at this resort place.
Nap was still part of the routine but what did they do after. Couch potatoes! Enjoying the rare indulgence of the black box.
Snacking away…even Keren joined the older two!
A monorail ride out to venture the Merlion Park.

Our first ride on the cable car. The kids were happily snacking as they looked on outside at the brilliantly lit city.

Home sweet home on 7 April. Some shots of little Keren sitting in her high chair while we had dinner at Crystal Jade. Oops, can see but can't eat table food yet.
Happy birthday Keziah!


Mummy N said...

happy birthday, keziah! :)

and such a lovely family bonding time.

tyan said...

What a lovely birthday cake! Keziah is one blessed little girl,I am sure she will grow up to be very appreciative of your love:) happy birthday Keziah!