Keren's turning 1…the megawatt smiles!

Yes, we thank God for giving us happy kids. 
It's time to take stock of this one year!

Keren began with being a baby with seemingly slow growth but once she took on to solids, she grew! She's still petite but gained a good weight, now being close to 9 kg. She's not a fussy eater and simply loves all her foods, especially fruits!

She's very mobile now, able to get up on her feet supported and simply just dashing around with her walker.

Now she also plays hide and seek. It ranges from hiding behind the door….
To doing peekaboo in her play yard.

Her hands and legs are everywhere now which makes taking pictures extremely challenging. She's definitely kinetic and playful little one. But what captivates us more is her laughter that rings of pure innocent joy!

She's calling "mama" and "papa" with discrimination and we hear lots of "mum mum.." when she sees food. In fact, if you are carrying her, she will dive for the food. I think she's saying a lot more but it's Mommy who's getting to busy to note down every single progress.

Problem solver
Mommy has started to play hide the toy and she's really good at finding it though at times she gets distracted by other things around her. Mommy has to just ring the toy in hiding to alter her back.

There's so much to celebrate as we see our little girl each day. Her looks seem to change too…Do you notice?