Busy September Hols..

Well, I wasn't quite prepared for holidays. Being a Stay At Home Mom has made me realize homemaking is such an arduous job, worse than teaching. Every moment is full of something to do, be it washing, cleaning, cooking, coaching the kids, playing with baby and a whole lot more. There's never much time to think. However, looking back, we were almost out every day of the week despite Daddy being in reservice! Looking back, we actually revisited many of these places we had went before when they were much younger.

Holidays kicked start with the long requested visit to the Night Safari. We went together with the children's school bus mate which mad the trip even more enjoyable for the kids. Sometimes, it's really the company that counts.
 Monday, we went for Alice in Wonderland show at United Square. It was a real big boo coz there was no show at noon due to some organized tea party. So we went to Nei Nei's place to take a nap before returning for the afternoon show. Surprisingly there were not many people and we even had a photoshoot with the cast.
Tuesday, we went to the zoo with our church mate. Seriously, I was thinking of aborting the plan coz Keziah didn't sleep much of a wink the night before, waking up at 2 am, complaining of a pain in the left cheek. It did look a little swollen. I tried to sweep it aside and ask her to get some sleep but she just didn't and continue to whine till I gave her a dose of Neurofen before she settled down. We did see a doctor the next morning and he diagnosed it as mumps. Somehow still the impetus of going to the zoo seem to dull the pain and she still insisted on going. So we went.

Wednesday, it was off the the airport to try out the new play area, The Canopy. Seriously, it's far to small to interest me in paying for it. Since I had it free, why not?
I challenged to the kids to the slide which Keziah had some fear of since the last time she went as she didn't know how to exit. They got hooked on it after the first try.
 Thursday, it was to Jacob Ballas. We had fun spotting all the interesting plants like this calabash. Along the way we saw figs that were fruiting and mushrooms as well.
 Nothing beats the play area and sand. Though they really wanted water play, I just wasn't keen to get wet. However, I must say the water play area was a little disappointing. Not as great as before.
Friday, it was home with 婶婶 for some drawing class while Mommy took a break to catch up with some pals.

Saturday, we took off to the Science Centre with Daddy since it was a break from piano class. The kids sure had fun playing around with all the equipment.

 Our first trip to the Omni Max Theatre since our days as kids. The kids' first documentary show too!

Whew! It was a busy holiday after all….