Keren's TWO

Time flies so quickly to see how little Keren has grown. From a baby that has difficulty putting on weight to now our chubby toddler who is such a fan of food, speaking so much, stringing together sentences that makes a whole load of sense, imitating us in every way, singing her abc and counting her numbers just weeks before she turned two. It was ever heartwarming to hear her say "Thank you Mummy" when you get things for her, "love you" on occasions, "sorry" when she knows that she has done wrong and "excuse me" at times. The most lovable is still how cuddly she still is, something that we all missed now with the other two and her bear hug and cheek rub (when we say kiss, ok she still doesn't kiss us with her lips).

Just looked at how she changed. But one thing for sure, she is still full of smiles, every moment every day though times do get challenging when she doesn't get her way.
 It never fail to amaze us looking at her myriad of expressions. How expressive!

It was a simple family gathering to celebrate her birthday. Mommy had deliberately got her cute marshmallow pops to brighten up her cake. However, it was an eventful one with Daddy dropping to cake minutes before leaving the house to Ta Ta's place. We had to rushed down to get another one.
 Yes, it's her very first indulgence in such sweet stuff. She was totally enjoying every bit of the marshmallow pop rather than the cake. God bless you!