Hmmm...Keziah's been getting up practically every hour or two from the time she's put to bed. It's really bugging mummy here who has to work and somehow not getting enough sleep for the past week. Thank God work is not so heavy at the moment but talking about it, I've got a report to finish up soon! Really finding it hard to work efficiently with the lack of concentration.

Consulted many experienced mums and concluded she's probably teething and so waking up so often. She simply wanted to find her thumb and would go back to sleep. Suck suck suck....Tried making her a bottle of fm thinking that my milk supply was low. To my surprise, she drank only 20ml and refused the bottle. Conclusion, she wasn't hungry. Think she's looking for comfort and warmth of being carried as well as her thumb as pacifier. Praying that this phase gets over quickly after her teeth cut through. But I still haven't seen any pearly white!