Hmm...ever since Keziah managed to roll onto her tummy, things have changed. She is now flipping back with ease, i.e. she is rolling around. She has also mastered great 'swimming' skills, managing to get her way around by turning rounds in circles, kicking and swiping her hands all around while on her tummy. She is real quick now with her moves! Today I just got a fright of my life. Left her in the middle of the bed and I simply walked out for a moment to get her bath water. Guess what! The moment I came in, her feet and bum were off the bed with the other half and outstretched hands at the edge. It's as if she was dangling off the bed. All I know was to grab her before she fell off the bed, even if my bed is a platform bed. Don't want to have her landing on the floor. Caught her in time! When on earth did she mastered her backward crawl? Nowadays I really have to keep my eyes on her. Otherwise, it's floor time when ever I have to leave her out of my sight. Who knows the next thing i spot would be her literally doing a proper front crawl.