Finally.. Pictures of some beach fun....

Finally we have pictures of the beach to show. We finally managed to bring little Keziah to ECP last Saturday. She had great fun playing with the sand and the seawater. She was all smiley and excited, messing with the sand and walking barefooted. It's her first outing to the beach and look how excited she was. Though it's near her sleeping time, she managed to keep herself up, scraping and digging at the sand with her sand toys mummy and daddy bought. The little drizzle didn't stop mummy, daddy and little Keziah from having fun at the beach. Keziah was rather upset though that we had to leave early coz the weather didn't turn for the better. But ECP we will be back!

A photo with daddy before playing

First touch of sand... errr how does it feel like?

Running along the coastline.... don't worry... daddy is there to keep an eye on her.

Fun playing with the sand.

It is time to go.... bye bye we will certainly be back!


Anonymous said...

thats so sweet.i am sure keziah enjoyd herself!

Joanie said...

Yupz, one day we can let our kids play together at the beach while we picnic..heehee..that sounds fun too!