Scary Red Blotches

Mommy woke up having a shock. What was initially some red spots which Mommy took for Abel rubbing his face on the mattress when he woke up turned up to be much worse than expected.

It looked like he had an allergy to something. Mommy hadn't ate anything out of the usual yesterday. The only thing Mommy could think of was the oil that was used to massage his head to remove the cradle cap. This was done yesterday after his positive infant class as one of the owner who used to be midwife commented that Abel is having quite alot of cradle cap which could result to his hair not growing. She did get rid of quite abit with the massage. Guess Mommy didn't wash off the oil well during the evening wipe down as she did as usual to wipe with water. Thank God the redness subsided in the later part of the day after she did a good shampoo this morning and gave his face a light wipe with warm soapy water and after which clean water in this morning.