Abel at 3 months

Abel just went for his 5in1 jab at 3 months 3 days old. He now weighs 5.12kg and measures 60cm in length. He's growing and putting on good weight though still on the low side. Guess importantly, he's well and healthy. He will definitely put on when he starts to take solid if not any earlier. At 3 months, he could
1) well lift up his head when on tummy
2) hold his hands together
3) start to grasp hanging toys
4) recognise voices
5) responsive in conversation
6) laugh out really loud when talked to
7) raise both legs high
8) roll to the side
9) attempt to move around on his back
10) follow objects by turning his head 180 degrees
11) longer selfplay time

So exciting to look at his everyday development but somehow Mommy felt she wasn't doing as much for him as compared to Keziah as attention has to be split between the two once Keziah comes back in the evening. Mommy's energy level has been rather low too. Think age is catching up..heehee...when Mommy's not even 30.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanie

WOw! 3 months already! how time flies - to everyone else but the mom herself :) Abel looks like he's grown up heaps and you sound like he's more settled. Hope he is sleeping for longer naps and at night too. Jasper is turning 2 months this week, and the last month has been very trying to say the least. Hopefully we have turned the (bad) corner and the end of the rainbow is in sight for us.