Who cares....really cares

Once again, both kids are down. Keziah had been coughing for awhile with loads of phelgm jammed in her throat. Eventhough, Mommy had isolated Abel at Ah Ma's place, he's down too just yesterday. Why? All coz silly Mommy took Abel back for the weekend so that he could see his paternal grandparents, thinking that they would miss him. However, he was still brought in close proximity to Keziah eventhough everyone in the house is aware that the two have to keep a distant to prevent one from catching the bug from another. Under the eyes of those in the house while Mommy was busy with some washing, Keziah stuck her water bottle into Abel's mouth. Mommy blamed herself for just being able to catch sight but not stop the act while others stand and watch. Probably, she was too fast for anyone to respond. From that day on, Mommy just had a gut feeling that Abel would catch the bug and sure he did. So sad to see him having such congested nose that he could hardly breathe, whining all the time and losing his smiley self. Yesterday, after dropping off the milk and Mommy had to make her way home, Abel was calling out when she passed him back to Ah Ma. It was as if he was calling for Mommy to be with him. So sad that Mommy had to trouble Ah Ma to take care of him, knowing that it's really tiring for her since she's no longer young. Knowing that everyone is sick, Ah Ma tries to find out from Chinese Medical Hall what could be brewed to help the recovery. That's where the soups and drinks come from.

Mommy is so sick of the kids falling sick and herself being sick too. Now, Daddy is down with the bug as well. Keziah for this week had been really difficult and kept waking up at night to cry, only wanting to be carried to sleep. Mommy and Daddy hardly had any sleep. Mommy is just so tired and so is Daddy eventhough we do not live on our own. Not everyone has eyes to see and ears to hear this pain that we are going through, neither will talk become action for some. Or probably it's a way of love that Mommy do not understand. AFter all, the kids are ours and how we want to look after them is our duty. Blame it on Mommy for having put Keziah in childcare. Some are just there to play and not take care or only willing to offer half a care which makes life more miserable. Mommy is just so tired, so tired, so tired. Probably, it's God's way of telling Mommy it's time to take a step out from work to stay with the kids no matter how bright and fast her career track should be.

Laundry is piling up and it's really finding a night to wash them and hang them out. Everything is in a mess once Mommy starts work. Still thankful though that Ta ta helps to fold the laundry after they are collected in. Why don't get a maid? Hmmm....what to say?

All Mommy wants is just 1h of nap in the day if not two for Daddy and herself and for the kids to recover. It's really a pain when your kids are sick. For now, the plan is really to just keep Abel at Ah Ma's place for awhile. So that Ah Ma doesn't tires herself, Mommy will go over after Keziah is settled and goes to sleep, do the night duty, go to work and then back in the evening to spend time with Keziah and go again. Daddy will just have to be the one to drop of Keziah for next week and send Mommy to Ah Ma's place in the night. Just hope this works out as it's a change in routine for Keziah again, waking up and not finding Mommy, having Daddy instead of Mommy sending her to school.

Is Mommy talking sense? Not even sure too....the brain is too tired to function or forced to function somehow after all.


huiwen said...

hey, dont blame yourself for sending Keziah to childcare okie? sometimes such things cant be helped. lets just hope she gets past the transitory period quickly, and hopefully things will fall into place. as for u, do take care and not overstress! me always here to lend a listening ear/eye. :)

Anonymous said...

try asking yourself: what's the primary reason that you are putting keziah in childcare? for interaction? for convenience?

once you are clear of the objective, you will know what to do.

Mummy said...

don't blame yourself please.

You are doing your best and like all parents, we "troubleshoot" a lot of times, by trial and error.

Sometimes, the methods we used work, sometimes they don't. Then we have to look for other methods.


Joanie said...

Huiwen, good to hear from u. Still at IA? Oh yes, still waiting for the day she will not struggle with going to school and back to sleep through the night again.

Mummy, u are right. It's trial and error. Keziah's getting quite out of hand and really it's time to whack her with the rod. Patience is running thin.

Anonymous, well childcare is for interaction as well as for her to learn while having someone to care while I'm at work. Can't imagine my parents having to tend to a crying baby and screaming after a naughty toddler.

huiwen said...

Nope, was my last day yday :) I suppose separation anxiety is common amongst young children, although according to my mum, i didnt really go through that phase! But each child is different. Have patience, altho i'd have to say discipline if u have these days...u wouldnt want K to become like them! :P

Anonymous said...

you're very clear of why you are putting keziah in childcare so do get prepared as she'll be often falling sick. kids interacting around, can't help spreading the virus..