Cooking for a week

Cooking is never easy when you want minimal preparation time but best output. This holidays was the most cooked food time when we had almost 4 days of homecooked meals.

Monday: Just simple marconi chicken soup.

Tuesday: Mommy tried some instant sauces such as Japanese Curry. Yes, it's mild enough for the kids. Sauces all prepared and all we had to do was to fry some mince meat and mixed vegetable to add in more nutrients to the meal. Easy to go together with rice.

Wednesday: Little more elaborate with Shepherd's pie. Though it's just 1 dish to bake but the preparation time was more challenging than expected. It took Mommy almost 2 hours with all the cutting, frying and mashing of potatoes to get this dish. We tried a mix of red, purple and yellow potatoes and the kids seemed to like the purple potatoes quite a bit.

Thursday: Clearing stock from the fridge with pork rib and vegetable soup and a dish of sweetpeas fried with mushroom.

Conclusion: Mommy's too ambitious with trying to cook meals. Cooking is definitely more tiring when you have to do the cleaning up after and playing with 2 little ones! We might just have to have tingkat when no. 3 arrives if Mommy were to have sanity of mind to spend time with 3 kids.