Rock Climbing

The holidays had been busier than ever for Mommy with the kids. It's packed with activities and this was really the finale of the week. Thanks to Aunt Nat's invitation, we joined their regular group of friends for the kids to rock climb. The kids were all harnessed and really to start their climb.
 Of course not without a proper briefing by the trainers.
 Abel was having his own fun time roaming around and getting his hands exposed to some tactile simulation.
 All the kids were excited to give a try and they all did really well.
Keziah had her turn too but she was just a little sticky and whiney for the day. Not sure if it's the fear of trying new things or fear of heights or simply just because she didn't get a proper night. Mommy was really at her wits trying to get her to attempt the wall on one hand and trying to capture pictures of her first experience coz otherwise there will be no records of her first attempt. It was nice that Uncle Chris came to give some hand in encouraging her and a few little ones like Cheryl and Zinnia. After all, everyone else was focussing on their own kids and friends' kids.
 Next the kids had the chance of bouldering. There were some games to lighten things up.
 Definitely Keziah and Abel enjoyed this part more. Without the restraint of ropes!
 The happy faces of all the little ones...
 We stopped by City Square Mall for a meal and caught sight of candy making.