Happy Father's Day

TCC was having 1-for-1 main course/pasta and so we headed down for an early dinner after Keziah's ballet class. The food never disappoints at TCC! We were delighted wth the baked pasta and beef stew and to top if off, we ordered the high tea set with a variety of dessert. Mommy was happy with her cup of decaffeinated Azuki Caffe with soy milk.

Though it wasn't purposefully planned as a celebration for Father's day, we're sure Daddy won't mind this as everyday is Father's day right, dear? Always the sweetest Daddy needless to say..
 With Abel telling him, "I'm already three now!'
Winding down, we had movie night watching Madagascar in preparation for our trip to Universal Studio next week. The kids feasted on Garett's carmel popcorns to their delight while they slumbered on their cushion for the show! Should see how they danced to the music at the finale.