We have stopped our letter learning for sometime and since it's the hols, we got back to it again!

Random craft and word chart (from and word recognition by matching pictures to the lyrics of "Five Little Monkeys" which the kids loved!

Next we explored the story about "The Mitten" and the kids loved it and Keziah could read it on her own again and again. Got ideas for some games from

We threaded out mittens and decorated them with stickers. Can you guess which is Keziah's and which is Abels? Simple colour matching and sizing activities.
Memory game to see who could remember which animal went into the mitten first and Keziah did her little sequence book. 
Craft time again. What can be an easier way to tell them what mosiac is than to get hands-on to make their own creation. For $1.60 each piece, it's cheap entertainment and it also trained them on precision of pasting as the pieces were really quite small.
When Mommy's home, they dedicate all their art pieces to Daddy…Hmmm...