I'm 14 month old!

It was just 2 weeks ago when our little one was on her fours. She did take at most 5 steps wobbling on her own at time but back on her fours she preferred. On 12 October, a week before 14 months, she finally declared that was enough. Walking was more fun. In fact, running is even better, given space constraint.

We had been signing quite a bit at home and now she's quite good at it. She has learned to sign meaningfully bye bye, please, thank you, sorry, no…Initially, thought it didn't work coz for her, we didn't put her to watch "The Baby Signing Time" as the other two did. Mummy just tried signing in her everyday conversation with her. She's finally picked it up. Interestingly, she knows how to shake her head to indicate 'no' but not nod her head to agree yet.

It's also very hilarious at times when she shows us what sleep is all about when we asked her to take her naps.

Speech and comprehension 
I must say this little one is a real feisty one. She definitely has great big lungs to make herself her, either in defense or in frustration. It's as if she's telling "don't meddle with me", a real chill padi. She's simply blabbering loads of gibberish beyond my understanding.

One thing I noticed, though she can't speak in proper, she knows what we want! Whether she follows though, it's another thing.