13.5 Month Time speeds by...

Time sure flies…each day we just see her do new things.

She loves dashing around in her walkers and taking a ride on her brother's McQueen. She's still not learnt to move forward but simply enjoying going backwards in the car.
She's certainly very creative in problem solving. Now that she's found her legs not just to stand or cruise, she's using them to climb! Today we saw her standing on her books and toy to help prop herself higher with the attempt to escape out of the play yard at the start of the month.
Now she has progressed to finding a 'seat' for herself while she plays. We even witness her moving her 'seat' to where she wants.
She's climbing now onto boxes to get what she wants. No fear!

We had been playing with blocks for awhile one day she surprised me by stacking up 3 blocks and within the next 2 days she did 5 blocks.

She's pretty good at pretend play. She must have seen too much of her brother lying on this cushion to drink milk that when we showed her this cushion, she lies down to pretend to sleep.
She's showing us how to talk on the phone. She definitely understands our words a lot better now. This means at times she will test us and attempt to do what we ask her not to and give us that cheeky look.
We started her on self feeding to keep her busy while we ate. Just look at what she did! First, you feel it, then you smell it then you taste it…mmmmmm….
 Yes, a few more pearlies! Now the top 2 and bottom one more are emerging.
Our princess dressed up daintily!