Children's Art Season @ SAM

This time round the activities at SAM was really engaging for the little ones. They had so much to create and express themselves.

First, the kids got to create their own clay magnets from everyday objects such as key, clips, pegs @ Everyday Wonders...
 Some ideas to kick start the creation.
Their very own little pieces.
We went round too admiring at the art from these simple tools.
 Next, in the activity room, they colored and cut their little trees. They were meant to add on to the wall of art but our kids just wanted to bring their pieces home.
They also imitated the artists that created the Echoes-Infinity-The Forest using powder paint that fades with time as visitors walk over, reminding us the transient nature of life. It wasn't easy using these powdered paint as it smudged quite easily.
 The kids had loads of fun in Dress Me up, putting on the attire that they wished.
 At the Art of Imagination, the kids could unleash their imagination and simply draw and add to this creative mash-up, rearranging the boxes anyway they liked.
There was also origami time at Grow a Garden in the Dark where the curators taught the little ones simple paper folding to add on flowers, leaves and butterflies to the 'garden' that comes alive in the dark.
 We never left the place without taking a picture with Walter!
Since we were already out, we decided to head down to the dinosaur exhibition by Science Center at Plaza Singapura. They were simply excited to be there, joining in the coloring activities and game show that happened to be on.