Princess Time with Pals

It was a Thursday packed full of activities. We were early at Di'dier's place for craft time! Aunt Susan taught us how to do decoupage on canvas bags. It's surprising how it was. All you need was decoupage glue, pretty napkins (serviettes), sponge and varnish. Look at our pretty works!

 After lunch, we headed down to Vivo City for the girls to have a make over. We met up with Ting Gu Gu and Raelyn as well. A princess dream!
The pals!
The process….Our princess interestingly chose to be dressed up as Cinderalla. That's coz Ariel's attire was too exposed, showing the belly. Just so amazed she would feel so at this young age. Good for Mommy!
Our princess was all done!
Meanwhile, there were some fringe activities by Abbot. The kids created little crafts and dabbled with color blending in milk.
The wait for the makeover was long and Abel simply sat down to watch the game show that was on while Mommy was busy with Keziah. Guess what when Mommy peeped over! He was on stage playing the game, sorting out the foods into the different food groups. Just amazing how much guts this little one has and his attentiveness to pick up via hearing as he got everything right!