Hong Kong …. Just two of us...

It's amazing how time flies. We haven't ever had a trip off on our own since Keziah was born. In fact, the last was to Australia when I was 6 months pregnant! Can't help feeling so excited about this trip of time alone just two of us but yet there's always that lingering thought of how the kids were.

There's of course an agenda on this trip…to celebrate the union of our best friend from university days!

A nice little cuppa before we took off...

Our cozy hotel room…Thanks to our good friend for booking such a nice place.. Our first meal to kick to fill our tummies after landing..This McDonald's really caught out eyes. Ain't Hong Kong so full of cute ideas?
Our little candlelight dinner at the Peak. Nice view good food…what can you ask for?

Then after was to help our friend with her preparations!

The beautiful bride and groom….

It's simply non stop eating in Hong Kong as we celebrated the wedding of our dear friend and visiting relatives. Food Paradise…