Welcome 2013!

It was a nice slow and easy start for the year 2013.
And a slow stroll back to Gran's..

We headed out once again just to play to the maximum to welcome 2013. What more we can do before we start the school year. It's back to West Coast Park which so far we haven't been quite successful playing at due to the unfortunate weather.

Thank God for the sunshine! We really played our hearts out.

Today, Keziah conquered her fear of heights and scaled the web all the way to the top to slide down. Previous time she only hit the lower slide and down she came. This time, she even asked to repeat her feat. I'm so proud of her for taking the courage to try and even encourage her brother to do likewise though he firmly refused.
Even our little baby was so eager to follow the older ones.
Loads of fun swinging, climbing, leaping...
The ever-loved flying fox and Keziah could't help asking for more.
On the other hand, Abel enjoyed the sand more. Digging away with branches and building sand hills. So happy when all 3 are at peace and working out together.
Keren was in no way on her own. She wants to do everything her siblings do. Insisting on the stick that her brother had, she started to do likewise to write on the sand. Certainly, sand is not her favorite texture as she kept looking at her hands and dusting them. Despite so, she continued at her task.