It's my birthday!

It's been a really long time we haven't eaten at Ichiban Boshi. Since my birthday is just round the corner, Daddy suggested we eat there last week 16 Feb. The kids were exhilarated over the Japanese food.

New water bottle always increases water intake. We had tried this bottle a month or so ago but Keren couldn't drink from it. Maybe she just didn't have big enough sucking power then. Now she's great at it!
Today also marks the day where Keren had her first full meal outside off the rack! Nothing by mommy..
While Mommy collected her hair accessories that were sent for repair, the kids had a cheery time helping themselves to the many cute hair bands. Just look at Abel! What a pretty boy I have!

On the day itself, Daddy bought a cake.
And this surprise gift which he came up with while Mommy was away for tuition.
Flowers from Daddy and a very dear friend. Flowers really brighten my day..heehee...
A little gift from a neighbour who is ever so thoughtful. Really it's the thought that counts!