Taking a break..Beach Time

As usual, the second day of Chinese New Year is always our family time together after a busy day of visitation on the first day.

We slept till we all stirred naturally. For a change, we didn't go to the zoo as we always did for the past 2 years. We headed this time to the beach for sand and water play!

We kicked start the day with our favorite Carl's Junior for breakfast!
Keren had already had hers at home so we gave her little biscuits. She's happy.
Well, Daddy decided to just let her try some 'real' food and gave her a hash brown. The very first time taking fast food. The verdict. Oooooo….all too good…"why I had to wait so long for this?" Thereafter as all who expect, she didn't want her biscuits anymore.
Love the funny expressions of my kids. Cheeky Abel...
Great companionship!
The kids had real fun trying to build a wall to stop the rising waters together with their dad!
Keren was quite happy on the mat watching. She did dig some sand with her bucket and spade for awhile but …..
Guess what happened? The rising tide washed over her feet and she cried big time! She sure didn't like the waves...