It's another week passed

Well really thank God for settling into the working routine. I must say it has been rather tiring but still coping. There is alot of new things for me to assimilate and certainly the work culture and scope which is definitely different from teaching. Challening tasks to take on. Learning to take things one step at time and prioritising are the outmost important I must say.

Been spending a whole week at my mum's with little Keziah as my hubby was on reservice. Was coping with her getting up rather early initially. I really missed home eventhough my parents had been great help in taking care of her. Haha..may be I am away from my hubby who does quite alot of menial stuff for me.

Looking now, Keziah is 1 day to her 4th month. She's growing so quick though I must say (well I would otherwise complain the slow process when she's in her tyrant moods...haha...) She is now more adept in all ways and chuckling alot. So heartwarming seeing her great big smile when I come home from work...

Here's some pics to update

Daddy and his little girl

"Oh look at my PJ"

Lovely smiles....