Work work work..

Working is no joke. I just seem to have plunged into culture shock with loads of things to do. Everything seems to be pouring in and the readings are impossible. I have never been good with reading and you can imagine how horrendous I felt when I hear of having to read theories on education and policies after my meetings with people after people here. Independent work is the key and basically there's little support with people all so busy with their own respective work. I am missing school teaching life. Though that can be busy in itself, there's more interaction than purely staring at the computer screen whole day, otherwise books that are now sitting on my table. I have been bringing work home practically everyday and I feel so depressed for not having time to spend with my girl. Arghhh...Wished I could just take no pay leave for the while.

Guess things compounded with me having to move over to my mum's to stay as my hubby is on ICT and would be away in 2 weeks for 3 weeks of reservice overseas. My little gal has began to get up at 3-4 am rather than 5-6 am and refuses to sleep after feeding as if morning has broken for her. Tired...

Little Keziah has grown to be so active now. Grabbing her little feet, slapping them together, waving her hands all over the place. Really wished I had more time with her each day.


phillane said...

God will give you strength and rest. im sure things will get better later *smiles