Yeah! It's weekend...

Now I look forward to every weekend. It's a time of rest from the hectic work which is rather brain intensive and most of all, it's a time to spend with my dearie gal. Keziah is now almost 4.5 months old and chuckles quite abit. Sometimes it sure sounds like she's complaining. Her appetite really boomed with 180ml for each feed. Mummy's supply isn't coping and guess I have to introduce formula next week to supplement her feed as she has wiped out the freezer store.

Thank God for coping better at work. Life at HQ sure isn't one that allows one to slack. Thankfully my colleague sharing a common office is such a nice lady and helped me a great deal with all the jargons.

Oh yes! Bought my gal a nice pink bucket hat yesterday at TAKA Baby Fair for a cheap $6 when usually it's double the price usually.

Hmm...somehow my shoes are wearing off faster here than in schools. Wonder why as I certainly do less walking with most of my time facing the computer. Well, I do have to take visits out on some occassion. Guess I should go shopping for some good shoes and discard those peeling off and causing blisters on my feet. Let's see what I get today on my trip out.