What is work?

I have been at work for aout 1.5mths. Somehow I simply feel things at work are not as fulfilling now as compared to the time when I was teaching in school. I really feel like a high class clerk. Things that I am doing at the moment are so clerical, like taking minutes, making calls to affirm attendance at event, sending out circulars... The most meaningful thing so far is writing a chapter in a paper and the next thing on the list, a year end report. Nothing seems very challenging. Most days I am just doing background reading. This is where the dimension of work is drastically different in schools. Worse, I am not a good reader and it takes me ages to work through a few pages. Or probaby things I am reading now are not as interesting and more difficult to digest. Sure hope I can find the meaning of work soon. I must say I am thankful that things are going slow and easy now for me to simply blend in but I really wonder how suited I am for such jobs. Think I need to be up and running about.


Anonymous said...

Personally I find working in ministries and stat boards sucks. I remember when I first start work and had to write minutes for several meetings, I was unhappy about it and complained to my supervisor. He told me only scholars get to take minutes of the meetings with CEO cos it's a way for management to assess the scholars...other 'chores' are for them to assess your project management skills... it's all for them to assess you and to get someone to do the work.

I am one who hates desk jobs and writing papers... wish I will finish my bond soon! R u planning to leave when ur bond ends?

Joanie said...

I agree with your feelings. I am not a deskbound person I guess. Hmmm....sure looking towards the end of bond. Whether to leave or not depends on where they put me next n if I get promoted. If prospect r not brilliant, will consider move when no. 2 comes. I will definitely ask to go back to sch after my 2 yr stint