Sleep deprived..

Mummy Joan is seriously sleep deprived with little Keziah being very naughty, waking up in the wee hours of the morning and refusing to go back to sleep for the past few nights. She simply wanted company. Just last night, I fed her and thought she had fallen asleep. But once she hit the cot, she smiled widely at me. I knew the night cycle was going to start. Argh...I am feeling so zombified now. Wonder if it's due to her teething or seriously she wants to start her soids earlier than 6 mths?

Hmm...wonder if the Blog has a capacity quota. I simply can't upload the photos no matter how I try.


Anonymous said...

She could be teething if she's fussy and is chewing on her fingers alot. Is she also drooling alot? That's one of the signs too.... ehh, try not to play with her even if she wants to play, and don't turn on the light, or else it's going to reinforce the night wakings. This could just be a phase and will pass.

Actually since Keziah accepts formula, you might want to try giving her that for her last feed instead of nursing her. Formula is much filling than bm and she might zonk out once again like before. :)

Joanie said...

Thanks thanks..she has gone back to her norm once again. Haha..maybe over at my mum's she drinks 1-2 fm feeds while bm for the rest. Prayfully she will cont's ur boy coping? sleeping thru ya..

Anonymous said...

Nope, of course he's not sleeping through yet!

But I am thankful that he only wakes up around 3 times now. Have learnt to appreciate his night wakings and taking them as opportunities to cuddle him... knowing soon that he will NOT want the cuddles and kisses and breastfeeding when he grows up, and maybe even in just a few months time!... my body is used to it liao, and sometimes he sleep more, I feel that I have enough/ too much sleep actually! I will let nature takes it course. :)